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How to cope with life in the UK

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 12:44 pm

Living in UK

Getting admission to one of the prestigious universities in the UK is one thing but dealing with the challenges of adjusting to life there is another. When you shift to the UK for education, numerous factors gets thrown into your face- there is just not running away from them. But if you were prepared beforehand, you would find the transition smoother than you would expect.

Get familiar, but gradually

One of the first things, which may throw you off your feet, is the strangeness of the place; not knowing how to go about or not having friends to go about. It can lead to a sense of loneliness. Don’t worry. Just relax and let go. There are other students in the same place as you. The period of transition is not smooth as it seems- it has crests and troughs.

Transitions take time

There is an initial shock, a feeling of separation between the different cultures and expectations yours and the new atmosphere – then there comes the feeling of acceptance and you find it easy to mingle and mix. The key is to let the process happen. But this may take time. Initially you will find yourself missing the conditions back home- everything will seem to be different from the way you purchase things to the lifestyle to the kind of food and cuisine to the ways of public behaviors and norms.

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Routines need to be unlearnt and relearnt

Things, which you used to take for granted, may become a challenge. So, instead of waiting for this happen to start adjusting- why don’t you start reading up on the place of your choice, the customs, the practices, the shopping hours, the behaviors –so that things won’t feel that odd and difficult when you join up? You can also ask those of your friends who have already been in that system to provide you much needed advice in this direction.

Manage your personal issues

In addition, this is also a time when you yourself are undergoing personal changes- within yourself as well as with people around you. The distance between you and your closest ones, would definitely change the nature of relationship.

There is additional stress to be faced and born now. There are conflicts, which may create havoc during your adjustment time. It is good to take the help of a friendly counselor or make some bonds with your fellow roommates to get through the situation. As unless it is managed properly, emotional difficulties and stress owing to personal issues can cause difficulties in your academic life.

As a student, you will also find that responsibilities and work load will increase. You may have to juggle your academic course requirements with your part time work. Thus, it would be useful to learn some time management methods to help you cope with this change in your life.

The UK is now a very multicultural culture and society and hence it would be appropriate to get a background on the kinds of people you would be interacting with there. So, it is not that difficult if you do your homework in advance before getting started with

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