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Are you looking for a legitimate, urgent as well as affordable essay writing service? We at Life Saver Essays love to help out with last moment, ultra urgent college papers, thesis, and dissertations. If you are in the middle of writing a paper you don’t think you would be able to complete in time, use our quick and cheap essay writing service now. Most of our customers have never used a custom essay writing service earlier. However, sometimes you just don’t want to compromise a specific assignment. Our affordable, legit, and custom service can come in handy during such times. As we know, ALL college students need help sometime or other during college. Whether you ask a friend do your paper for you, ask your parents to provide a little help or a professional writer to get you through that demanding assignment. It is absolutely alright as long as you know your subject and understand it well.

It obviously does not mean you seek help with most assignments. Sometimes you may be up against a tight deadline and may have to focus on other important things. Co-curricular activities, competitions, dates or just parties are all a part of your student life, which you will not get again. Palpably, the best thing is to always make sure you write your own papers and understand them well. However, it may not always be possible and you may just have to seek professional help.



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The short answer to this is – because we provide you the best and most optimum combination of price vs. value. If you have made up your mind to get professional help with an assignment, you would obviously want to get it as affordable as you can. However, inexpensive essays are available a dime a dozen on the Internet. What’s important is to understand whether these papers are really worth spending money on or not. It has been observed that most cheap essay writing companies send you papers that have been used over and over again. So if you use the same paper, it is certain that you will be caught for plagiarism. You need to find a service that is professional and completely custom. Ordering with us, you can get a completely custom paper starting just $12 per page. Needless to say that prices move with the deadline. Shorter deadline papers entail a “rush charge” as it becomes challenging to hurriedly find a suitable writer. The writer may also put all his other commitments on hold to attend to your assignment.

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Besides maintaining the quality of our writing, being immaculate with deadlines, being fully original with our thoughts and ideas, being open to revisions till satisfaction; yet another of our initiatives is to give you a huge 20% discount on each assignment you buy with us. Each of our customers gets a 20% lifetime discount ordering with us. Unlike some popular writing companies where your discount goes up from a merge 5% to 15% after ordering many papers with them, you get a whopping 20% discount in your very first order with us and this continues as long as you want to use our service.



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Our cheap essay writing service is especially very popular with international students from China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, UAE, Iran, Taiwan and other parts of the world. We completely understand that it may be overwhelming for you to write assignments as you may not be accustomed to writing papers after doing thorough research on a topic. Also, we understand that your grades are very important to you as you have expectations to fulfil. We have helped countless international and native students achieve their dreams. Some of the students who approach us are not confident in their abilities. With a little help and guidance from us, not only do they start writing better papers, but also get better grades. They are proud to tell us that we are one of the fastest essay writing services.

Once you have received the completed paper, you can also avoid plagiarism by modifying it in your own words. You can rewrite it, shuffle paragraphs, lines or words in it. You can also give it a fresh, interesting title. Once you have the paper ready, all you need is to be creative and add final touches to the paper. Not only will this improve your editing skills, you will also get a better idea on the kind of content you can choose the next time you write a paper. This will take time. After you revise a few such papers, you are likely to start getting a hang of how to present your views. It is important to understand that once you start writing your own assignments, the output may not appear as great as it does when you buy essays, and may affect your grades, but it is a step forward to getting better at writing.

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We’re an inexpensive essay writing services company and we aim to the company of choice for students looking for high quality papers customized to their needs.

Our vision is to be among the top 5 companies in our niche sector in the next five years. We aim to make our academic writing services accessible to people all over the world.

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