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How can I buy term papers at reasonable prices and still get a quality service if I avail your service?

Buy term papers

If you feel caught up between heavy course-work and co-curricular activities, you are bound to find term paper writing an uphill task. Because as a student you are obviously looking for a reliable service at an affordable price. To address this concern, we have a 20% discount for you if you have never our service before. Since a term paper often revolves around gathering detailed information presented in a strictly academic manner, students primarily feel lost at the sight of such assignments. If you feel that the lack of prior experience is delaying your term paper submission, then fret no further. Lifesaver Essays lets you buy term papers (including custom -editing, proofreading, and reviewing) and delivers them to you at your hour of need.

We also provide you a direct access to your qualified term paper writer. Read more to understand how we operate and the benefits you can avail. Feel free to browse through our sample writings and find all your doubts addressed in the questionnaire below. So don’t waste your time anymore and order your term paper now!

Term paper writing service

How can you assure me that if I order term papers from you, I will be happy with the service?

Lifesaver Essays is more than happy to provide all the term paper help that you might require. Since 2007, we have strived to render authentic and plagiarism-free term papers and have earned excellent reputation from our satisfied customers. Our policy of never recycling content and always employing experienced paper writers sets us apart from the rest.

The team comprises of dedicated writers who believe in delivering original and accurate content to you. We start every draft from scratch, by keenly adhering to the guidelines stated by you. Complying with the deadlines and the exacting standards of the university, we aim to render efficient term paper writing services to our customers.

Most of all our simple and hassle-free procedure ensures that you don’t get bogged down with complications. The following steps will elucidate our methodology and what you need to do:

1. Fill up the order form to provide us with a basic outline of the term paper help required by you including- topic, no. of pages, number of sources, deadlines, additional information etc.

2. Make the payment through our secure payment gateway.

3. Post payment confirmation, you will receive an email notification to confirm your details and term paper needs.

4. Once the paper is delivered to you, you can send in for a review or revision should the need arises.

Our Guarantees


Specification Guarantee

We work with the most qualified writers from the best US universities. We deliver all essays to their specifications


Privacy Guarantee

We handle customers’ private data with secrecy and guarantee that it is never misused


100% satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction and assure you that you will find our service a full value proposition


Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our service that we back it up with 100% money back guarantee


Who will write my term paper and how does your term paper help work?

Lifesaver Essays provides a dynamic platform where you can avail the continued help from our proficient writers. Most of all, we work with a culture of transparency. Hence we provide an open communication channel between you and your writer.

Term paper writing service

In spite of a plethora of information available to us today via Internet, the very act of doing research is a daunting task. At this crucial juncture, students are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material available and pressurized by dire time constraints. We, at Lifesaver Essays understand this daily struggle and hence impart end-to-end term paper help.

By referring to us for your term paper requirement, you can be assured of the grade of quality writers we assign you. Our team of skilled writers can cover any subject matter, ranging from economics to metallurgy. They are also well acquainted with different citation styles (Oxford, CBA, McGill Guide etc) ensuring the authenticity.

Our intensive on-board training of writers ascertains that we cater to the demands of our customer. The writers not only face a rigorous training at the beginning, but also undergo thorough quality checks at regular intervals. These quality checks follow a strict adherence to the policies and hence guarantee that only a perfectly finished product reaches you. The writing samples of our writers are frequently reviewed and the process of improvisation remains on-going.

We also encourage our customers to provide regular feedbacks on the quality of our services. Most of all, we highly value any evaluation or criticisms provided to us and use them to build a more customer-friendly platform.


Our Guarantees


Whether it is plagiarism that you are worried about or us meeting your deadline. Check our guarantees to clear the air

How Does It Work


Read more about how our service works and what happens once you have placed your order and made the payment

Is It Legit?


Our service is completely legal and is as acceptable as hiring a personal tutor. We have covered the section in detail


Will my term paper be written from scratch?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. We treat every term paper submission as a fresh, new and independent entity and work on it from scratch. This implies that the same level of research and writing prowess is catered to all our customers

Our writers are well-versed in differentiating credible sources from the specious ones. You can safely believe that our term paper writing service will deliver a brand new and custom-built service. Our stringent conformity to the policy of “no recycling of content” is the mark of our specialized services. We also maintain confidentiality norms and never disclose your term paper to any of our customers. Once you receive your finished term paper, you exercise sole control over its distribution.

We cater to a host of demands put forward by our customers including

1. Standard Research papers from the scratch.
2. Research proposals, outlines and summary.
3. Only editing and proofreading of a finished term paper.

Lifesaver Essays firmly believe that different students have different needs and hence should be met with a personalized approach. We also provide effective editing and proofreading services to those who have a prepared a term paper before hand and just require our expertise in giving it final finishing touches.

Our writing service also works on research proposals, outlines and charting summary for those who require only such specific term paper help.

How is your service priced? How much would you charge if I want to buy term papers from you?

Our services have different pricing, each designed to guarantee that you just pay for the services that you personally need. There are certain factors which will decide the overall costing of the services you avail:

Deadline – Prices increase with the proximity to the deadlines.
Academic level– High school and undergraduate level papers would be more economical than Master’s and Doctorate level.
Length – Fewer pages required by the customer, lower the cost.

In addition to these, the cost may also depend upon the type of writer requested by the customer; the customer can request a particular writer or a specific cadre of writer to assign the required task. For smooth running of operations, we request you to send in your requirement as early as possible. A period of 7-10 days would also allow us in delivering a quality product. Keeping that in mind, 3-4 days prior to the deadline cases would also be considered. Any further than that would be treated as a fast-track requirement implying more investment from the student’s end.

Can I use your term paper help for same-day delivery?

Though this deadline is highly irregular, we would never consider cancelling any term paper from our side unless there are absolutely no resources on our end. We encourage the students to not submit requests at such end moment because a hurried research and completion might affect the quality of the term paper, a situation we don’t want our customers to face.

As soon as you register with your request, we assign you a writer with whom you can maintain one-to-one communication approach. We make sure that every change or minor detail is directly informed by you to your assigned writer. This removes discrepancies and ambiguity throughout the process. But If the need arises, we also provide an option to change the writer. We can only assure a new writer depending upon the availability and specialization of the writer.

In the highly improbable scenario, where the customer is dissatisfied with our finished term paper, we do provide free review options to understand and incorporate changes in the term paper. If this also doesn’t fit to the customer’s needs, we respectfully refund the amount paid.