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How does Lifesaver Essays help me write my paper?

Term paper writing service

Lifesaver Essays is the right place to arrive at if you have any academic or professional level write-up needs. Our excellent team of writers is dedicated to providing you with cogent, accurate and authentic written material ranging from academic to business writing.

If you are a student tied up with curricular and extra-curricular activities or a professional working 60 hours a week with a write-up due, you are safe with us.

Term paper writing service

How can you help me write my paper fast?

Lifesaver Essays is founded on the notion that writing requires dedication and time management which is quite challenging to achieve. We have been in the business of catering to your writing needs since over a decade and garnering positive reviews. If you feel that you have limited time and just want someone to “write my paper now”, your demands will be fulfilled by us.

It is a known fact that for ESL students, academic writing is a daunting task. If you are such a candidate who lacks command over English you have come to the right place. With increased demand of academic writing at every level of education, we believe in fulfilling your writing needs fast through our pocket-friendly services.

Many professionals feel that they are not able to focus on preparing reports and write-ups because of their busy schedules and unreasonable working hours. Some might also find researching, compiling, and organizing data an uphill task. Many of them admit that they lack the knack of writing or are simply bored of doing it. Prior engagements and obligations may deter a professional from sitting down and delivering a quality write-up. If you are also facing a similar concern and need a fast, cheap and reliable online writing help, Lifesaver Essays is the ultimate destination for you.

At Lifesaver Essays, online resources are utilized to perform in-depth research to suit your writing needs. Our vast pool of expert writers precisely understand your writing need accordingly churn out term papers, academic papers, professional reports etc.

An academic or professional write-up must be free from plagiarism; hence we make sure that we never recycle old content to generate a new one. We also don’t distribute nor disclose your content to any third party. Every paper is researched into from scratch making sure that your paper is free of copied content.


Our Guarantees


Specification Guarantee

We work with the most qualified writers from the best US universities. We deliver all essays to their specifications


Privacy Guarantee

We handle customers’ private data with secrecy and guarantee that it is never misused


100% satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction and assure you that you will find our service a full value proposition


Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our service that we back it up with 100% money back guarantee


Why am I here?


Probably because you are searched the items , “write my paper now” or “write my paper cheap”.
If you are under-duress for completing a writing task and are searching for immediate help by typing “Write my paper for me”, you should seek our help. Often students are looking up budget-services hence we have many economical modules without compromising on the quality of write-up.

In addition to being burdened by heavy course work, college students also have write college paper, to maintain their grades. Most of them require help in assembling a write-up fast over technical, business or management related topics. We are here to help you create that unique, well-researched and customized material.

Our Guarantees


Whether it is plagiarism that you are worried about or us meeting your deadline. Check our guarantees to clear the air

How Does It Work


Read more about how our service works and what happens once you have placed your order and made the payment

Is It Legit?


Our service is completely legal and is as acceptable as hiring a personal tutor. We have covered the section in detail


How do you guarantee to help me write my paper ?

Being an experienced name in this field, we have garnered the ability to track and understand the needs a potential customer can have. We have faced numerous customers with requests ranging from generic requests such as “Help me write my paper”, to the ones in extreme time – limited conditions “Help me write my paper fast”. Students and professionals, angling for frugal choices through “Write my paper cheap” or demanding help via our online presence as “write my paper online”. Taking into strict consideration all the pressing needs of our customers we follow stringent guidelines to assure a quality end product:

1. We never retort to recycling our content making sure that every write-up is uniquely assimilated.
2. We have a pool of experienced writers who undergo rigorous training sessions and regular quality check-ups .
3. Our customized material is put through plagiarism detection systems to maintain uniqueness in every essay or report.
4. Our writers are well-acquainted with different citation styles and writing techniques (informative, narrative, descriptive etc) to cater to different needs.
5. Majority of our writers are native English speakers that serve as a guarantee of command over language.
6. We have a high return rate- almost 95% of our customers re-engage with our services for their writing needs.
7. We understand the how to prepare academic papers and are successfully able to do so at competitive prices.
8. You have direct access to the writer assigned to you and receive regular updates on the status of your write –up.
9. If the end product is not to your satisfaction, we humbly refund your amount ( kindly refer to our refund policy for more details)

Can you help me write my paper cheap?

We initially started out as the go-to name for providing cheap and fast write-up online for college students, after which we diversified into the business and professional realm too. We observed that there are marked differences in the way both these entities need to be approached .Hence, our service charges depend upon the following factors:

1. Proximity to the deadline-closer the deadlines, higher are our charges.
2. Nature of the write up – academic or business.
3. No. of pages required along with no. of sources.

We provide regular, premium and fast-track services under both academic and business modules, which cost different depending upon the deadlines and availability of writers.

How can I avail your help for writing my paper?

To submit a request for writing a paper simply register in our website and then follow the below mentioned steps:

Place the order – Provide us accurate information in details regarding the deadlines, topic, type of content required, citation style, no. of pages, no. of sources etc.

Secure payment – Make the secure online payment through debit or credit card.

Email confirmation – You will receive an email regarding the registration and request. A link will be provided from where you will be able to download the document.

Optional Review – In case, you are not satisfied with the paper you have received, you can submit for a free review of the paper. Kindly read our review policy in detail.

You will also be provided with the contact details of your assigned writer so that you can have direct communication channel with them .You will also receive alerts and updates regarding the status of your write-up.

Since every paper we write is unique, we never disclose the contents to any third party and never recycle the old content to generate new material. The sole ownership of the content is held by you. We never divulge your personal information, credentials and write-up content to any party except you.

We currently cater to all the subjects available at academic and professional level ranging from social sciences, humanities, art, technology, science, business, management, programming, literature etc at all academic (high school, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate) and professional levels.

Also, you are liable for a 25% discount on your first order. We also have discount programs where you an avail more discounts, the more you order writing services. Which implies that every time you search, “write my essay fast” , “write my essay cheap” or “write my college paper online” and land on our website, you get more and more discounts.

Our unique discount package consists 15% of on 1st five orders and also a lifetime discount of 20% if you take up a package of 3 years.

At Lifesaveressays, we recognize the prevalent need for fast, cheap and online writing services dealing with academic papers, research papers, thesis, project reports etc and hence work towards equipping our customers with quality end-products.

Every paper we work with is fresh, unique and original, removing any chances of plagiarism or recycled content. So don’t delay your due paper any longer and just send us a simple “write my paper for me” request after registering on our website.

Most of our happy customers recommend our writing services to their juniors, friends and colleagues and we make it our top priority to serve them with unmatched quality and exclusivity. So if you want your paper written now, register and submit a request and leave the rest to us.