Cookie Policy

What Are Cookie?

Small text files that are stored on a computer every time one visits a website are called cookies. These files mould the viewed website to a visitor’s needs, thereby enhancing his user experience. By keeping him logged in for the period desired, cookies enable visitors to use the pertinent website.

Visitors to our website are free to manage or delete cookies from their computer if they do not prefer us to send these cookies from their computer. Disabling them, however, would mean the inability to view our site optimally.

The Cookie We Use

Session Cookie: Sessions cookies are temporary files that lie stored in our customer’s computer till they close their browser. They help our customer recall his visit to the earlier page.

Persistent cookies: The opposite of session cookies, these cookies remain longer with our customer, long after his browser is closed.

Using our cookies: We process our order forms using cookies. When clients disable our cookies, automatically they lose our services.

Why we use cookies:

1. To remember that we are buying online.
2. To tell us that our website has a new visitor.
3. To find out if a visitor has used our online plagiarism checker.
4. For an enriching user experience.
5. Offer visitors gain advice and support on our chat line.
6. Can track your time spent on our site with the help of Google Analytics.

Third party cookies usage:

Our cookies are helpful in completing a transaction made by a visitor for any of our products or services. We do not part with a client’s personal information if he or she is not part of an order we receive.

Managing cookies:

Disabling our cookies on a client’s computer means that you do not get our fully functioning website. However, if you insist on the same, please make use of your settings for this.