Meet Our Team

Life Saver Essays is founded by Livia Susan. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Livia worked with different companies as a freelance writer, branding consultant, and a digital adviser. She had an opportunity to work closely with students in the US and could understand the pressures they faced coping with the overly demanding educational system. Most of the students she worked with were international students who came to the US with dreams of making it big, but due to lack of impeccable language skills, found themselves scoring less and getting demotivated. This made her work on a new venture that would provide research assistance to all students at affordable prices, so they could focus better and improve their skills.

To quote her:

A business manager, I recently started Lifesaver Essays on my own after being a freelance researcher for over 6 years. I have helped numerous companies and individuals with their web strategy, social media strategy, content, blog posts, ad copies, and much more so their companies could establish an identity of their own. I am a writer by profession and believe that a great piece of writing has potential to touch the soul of the readers and can instantly make them feel your thoughts instead of merely understanding your words, which most writers have to contend with. 

I now have started my own education company, Lifesaver Essays and we plan to make education better and easier for students.

Today, Life Saver Essays is proud to be a trusted student partner and with our team of qualified researchers, no student every goes back unhappy. We might not have made a huge change in the world, but we have definitely made a significant impact to the academic lives of all students who have approached us.