How to stay focused while writing an essay

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Are you planning to write some high quality essays as part of your assessment or for professional purposes? If so, you must remember a pre-requisite to writing fine essays: focus. Without focus, there is every chance that your essay would be unstructured, lacking coherence and clarity. For others who are looking to order their essays- our custom essay writing service could come in handy.


But achieving the required focus to complete the desired task can be a challenge on account of many reasons. And yet it is essential;  high quality work can come only out of sustained periods of concentration and focus. Let us check out some ways to increase focus so that you can produce good quality essays.

Staying focussed can be challenging

There are plenty of distractions in and around people.  We have our own internal doubts and thoughts to manage. We are also surrounded by people and places that add to chaos and disturbances, which makes it difficult to concentrate on writing essays. The chatter may interfere with this process. If this is so, how can we develop and maintain focus?

Focus is about centering yourself!

The main point of staying focussed is to be centered. The beginning of focus is the very intention to write. So, when you sit down to write and prepare your mind for this action, you have already started working on getting focussed. The key thing at this point of time, is to retain this state of beginning attention, maintain and enhance it to sustained levels of prolonged concentration.

Attain the state of “flow”

Sustained concentration leads to quality work and essays. Sustained concentration requires the attainment of what psychologists call a state of flow. This is the highest level of concentration which a person can achieve. The person is mentally and physically immersed in the creative work- he is fully engaged. You can visualize all the ideas you want to incorporate into your essay and you can produce a quality piece of work. This state of flow requires that you have to be entirely and fully be with yourself when doing the task. The feeling this state creates, is similar to that created when a person engages in meditation or swimming or other such activities which requires total immersion of mind and body.

To attain this state of flow, here are some suggestions which can help you defeat those distractions which tend to distort your focus.

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  • Do not pay attention to the distractions. When you are trying to do work, many thoughts may come in and go  out. Stop paying attention to these distracting thoughts. Let them enter and exit at their own pace. You cannot control your mental wanderings. The best way to do your work is to be comfortable with the fact that distractions and wanderings are natural.
  •  Take breaks between long periods of sustained productive concentrated work. The brain will be happier. It will also give time to the brain to process the information and probably come up with better ways of using it.
  • A shift or change in location can also help to improve your concentration and the ability to do sustained work.
  • Organize the work required for your essay and chunk it. This helps better concentration and efficiency
  • There are some things which your brain will do almost automatically such as picking sentences, structure and some kind of words, while you may have to focus on certain aspects on a conscious manner such as the kind of content and purpose. Do this and see your concentration improve and your essay shape up in a much better way.

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