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How to improve the quality of your essays

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 12:19 pm

What determines the quality of your essay?

You may be a good writer. You may have a good command over the language but that may not be enough to get you the grades you deserve. Essay writing is both an art and a technique which needs to be honed with time. So, let us look into some things which will surely improve the quality of your essay, provided, you make the effort of practicing them.

Good essays are not born, rather, they are made!

Yes, very few of us are geniuses who are born with the talent of spouting golden words of language from their pen.

Most of us have to work our way through. Geniuses also need to work on their talent. Hence, the key to creating good quality, thoughtful, well-reasoned essays is hard work and discipline.

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Discipline is needed to ensure that you follow the requirements which ensure that your essay gets a real structure; without which, your ramblings won’t make sense.

Discipline is needed to ensure that you get your ideas in the right order and in a logical sequence.

Read, read, read

A great way of picking up skills for writing essays is to read essays written by others including subject experts, academics, and your friends. Through such reading, you can make out the good points and bad points. You can learn about your own writing style and how much you can enhance it. Stretch your reading basket to include subjects unrelated to yours; the more you read, the more you come to know about different ways of writing, the more ideas you would have to add to your essay.

Critical analysis

It is not just important to read different kinds of essays, it is also important to critique them. This means that you have to identify what are the strengths of the essay, the weaknesses, what can be improved on, what were the novel devices used, etc. The critical analysis builds up your understanding of the issue at stake. Check whether the essay presents all points in a balanced way or is rather biased in its presentation of the issue?

Write practice essays

Practicing essay writing on different lines of thought is a great way to build skills. When you engage in this, you are working on your analytical skills. With each different line of argument you take, you need to approach the issue through new methods and new sets of evidence. This will sharpen your argumentation and your essay writing skills. Different angles, different approaches, different kinds of writing styles. These would enhance your argumentative prowess too.

Enhance your vocabulary

Again, this comes with sufficient amounts of regular reading. One of the things you need to remember is that, it is not the great words that count; rather, the effective usage of words to demonstrate concepts or ideas clearly. Having a good vocabulary and regularly working on enhancing it, would give you more ideas to play around with and express in your essay. You will experience more fluency, confidence, and smoothness in your writing. But again, overdoing it is not advisable. Fancy and superfluous words are distractions in a good piece of writing.

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