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How to write a critical essay

Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 at 05:19 am

Importance of critical essay

Writing a critical essay is an important part of studies. Many a time, you may be required to write a critical essay on some topic of literature or philosophy or a science paper. Critical essay, as the name says, is about “critiquing” an issue or a piece of work.

If you are not sure about writing your critique, you can simply order it and get an expert to help you out.When the writer critiques the paper, he is supposed to highlight the different angles of an issue- the good points, the not-so-good points, what can be improved upon, what is missing etc. Writing critical essays, teaches a student, valuable skills which shall come in very useful in life including analysis, spotting flaws in reasoning as well as facts presented, accuracy, objectivity etc.

Elements of writing a critical essay

Critical essay writing has to be done from a detached point of view; you cannot allow your personal views to influence the outcome. The more you are able to view the different parts of an issue in isolation, the better you would be able to write objectively and critically about it, the better would be the quality of the essay.

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The critical essay is crafted in a slightly different style than the other essays. In the first place, you need to identify an issue or a paper to critically analyze. You can identify this topic and then research on this topic by using your library resources or through the internet. There would be different kinds of articles published. Once you have selected your article of interest, the next step is to read it thoroughly. Identify the main points of the article. Do further research on it after you have read it thoroughly. This ensures that you can find information and articles which supports or rejects the views presented in your chosen article. Research only information relevant to the topic. Keep the focus on the topic.  Do a quick jotting of the points given therein.

Organizing your critical essay

Plan the outline of your essay and the way you are going to present your analysis. This is important. A clear, coherent structure can help in getting the points through to the audience and makes the essay effective.

The essay can start with an introduction to the topic and why you chose it.  You have to give valid reasons for the choice of the topic.The context helps the reader to understand the importance of the topic. This introduction can then lead to a presentation of the original author’s views on the issue.

This includes the thesis outline, the enumeration of facts and figures which the author may have presented, his views ( both directly and indirectly expressed) and his conclusions as well as the call of action regarding that. This helps the reader understand and make sense of the subsequent critique. In the next section, the writer would present a detailed analysis of the facts and justifications presented by the original author- whether these facts are sufficient and necessary to warrant the conclusions; where they accurate; what were the deficiencies and whether the data was reliable or not.

The writer also analyses the article author’s values and determines whether they are justified or not. The writer will also go through all the material and determine whether they are justified or not. The writer will also present any other possible perceptions or outlooks on the matter and justify why he or she believes their approach is the most appropriate to understanding the issue.

The article can be revised and rewritten, keeping the outline in mind, till it reaches desired expectations. The essay has to end with a conclusion, in which all the findings are integrated to reach a consensus or a position. Thus, critical essay gives us detailed evidence-based insight on a topic.

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