How to write an essay on social work

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If you have joined courses on social work and you aspire to be a social worker, then you would be needing to write essays as part of your curriculum requirements. Studying social work courses involves reading and understanding important social issues: they could include issues related to abuse, crimes, domestic violence, addictions etc.

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The purpose of an essay on social work

You would need to demonstrate an understanding of several interrelated topics including education, social service, volunteering work, various social causes, Your essay should demonstrate a deep commitment to social work and understanding the necessity and importance of it in society.

How to write on social work

Every essay needs to be structured, organised and focussed and a social work essay is not  an exception. It would be good if the essay demonstrates the concepts and challenges of social work through personal experience. It should also give the reader an understanding of why they should undertake social work. Your essay should be from some aspect of social work: could be a clinical social worker’s point of view or an educational social worker’s point of view. They can describe various aspects such as psychology, behavioural psychology, path opsychology, human behaviour, cultural studies etc.

Your essay can revolve around some social issue and take positions on it. Or it could be something related to actual social work experience. Either ways, there has to be a reason for it to be highlighted and that has to be made clear at the beginning of the essay and at the conclusion.

Use different theories as a framework

The essay should take into account the different theoretical perspectives of social work. Social work has close connection with politics, economics, education, health and other sciences and medicine. Each issue has to be dealt with from a number of perspectives so that ultimately, the contribution of social work is highlighted- in helping the poor, the defenceless, the ill and those who are suffering from abuse, addiction and have been victims of assault and neglect.

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There are very many issues which as a future social worker you can choose to work on- for example you can choose to describe your experience as an educational social worker, entrusted with the education of children coming from destitute families. You can even describe the role and responsibilities of a medical social worker, who is involved in the management of patients in critical conditions- how they are of assistance to patients who are incapacitated and who are completely unable to take care of themselves. The social worker’s role in human society is a critical issue- it is a very difficult task, which only a few can do.

What your essay should aim for

Your essay should provide insights into your understanding of social issues and your perspectives of the role of social worker. The reader should be able to get an idea about the knowledge you have acquired, your attitudes and critical analysis of issues relevant to the social service. You can also describe the impact of social service on you personally and how you are best equipped to deal with the challenges of working in this field.

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