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How do we learn to manage a firm by writing essays?

Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 at 05:22 am

Basics of a management essay

We all know that if you are an aspiring managerial candidate, you would need to pursue your graduation or post-graduation in business management. These courses provide you with the training and knowledge required to pursue a career in the world of management. However, management essays are part and parcel of academic requirements of universities. You may need to write them as part of your course curriculum. You may often need to submit a research paper of case studies at advanced levels of your course.

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Understand the topic

To write effective essays on topics which come under this category, you would need to know what general management is all about. General Management covers all those issues, concerns and subjects related to the day-to-day management of a business. They include administration, allocation of roles and portfolios, project management, HRM, performance management, operations management, planning and administering budget, financial management, leadership, organizational strategies etc. As you can see, there are a great number of issues in this area.

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Choose a topic or an issue, related to what your tutors have lectured about or prescribed as part of the recommended reading material. This would help you save time. Your essays may be about some aspect of management theory or strategies to improve a general manager’s role. It could be about external or internal factors which play a role in influencing a manager’s role.Most of these topics deal with the strategies and skills of a general manager that aid in the effective running of the business or firm, and to show a healthy growth margin.

How to write an essay on general management

Once the topic has been selected or given to you by the tutor, focus on the question and study it from all angles. Once you have understood what it means, then you can start planning on what you want to say about it. If the question is long, it would be advisable to break it up into sub-questions to get a clearer understanding. A great way to start writing a management essay is to brainstorm on the topic of interest. Think of all possible points you can add to a topic.

A quick tip would be to follow the line of what, how and why:

  • What – describes the topic
  • How – delves further into the subject and finds out how the strategies can be worked or made more effective and
  • Why – explains the reasons or theories behind the topic and leads on from there to finding the link between the known and the unknown.

You can use these ideas to do further research so that you can obtain more information related to the topic. The organization of these ideas in a particular way can help you in generating an effective structure for your essay. You may wish to include real-life examples of management situations, as encountered, in businesses and organizations.

Reading and research for writing a general management essay

Before starting to write the essay, it is essential to collect information on what you want to write about. For general management papers, the best sources for getting this information would be from journal articles, standard books and textbooks, and authentic internet sources like government publications, the annual reports and other material from the company’s websites and reports published by quasi-governmental or international publications that can provide any statistics or information about the subject or the specific company under study.

Many students make a mistake of collecting sources to only support their positive arguments. However, a good essay should reflect an all-comprehensive view of the topic and this would entail showing a different or diametrically opposite point of view. Sources to support such negative arguments should also be researched on.

General internet sources with the unreliable material are not allowed to be cited in general management essays. Some examples of these sites would be Wikipedia, blogs, e-papers and publications and private websites of individuals.

How to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very heinous crime that could result in your being rusticated for the university. So, keep a tab on what you are reading and only collect points or ideas that you need. Don’t take whole lines or paragraphs from the sources. Read, think about it and jot down the points to elaborate later, when you write the essay.

The format of the general management essay

You can create a plan or outline on how to structure your essay. This helps you to organize your thoughts, give it a focus and makes the subsequent writing easier.

An essay has to reflect the organized structure, adherence to expected form and excellent use of language. So, you need to ensure that your essay is grammatically and semantically correct. It should also show a proper introduction and a conclusion- this is the start and stop of the discussion point.

Depending on the kind of essay you are writing, you may need to structure the main part of the essay. The main ideas are described in detail in the middle part of the essay. These ideas can be structured in the form of paragraphs with supporting evidence. Each paragraph needs to be linked by transition words, so as to ensure, a smooth flow of ideas. The conclusion needs to support the main theme of the essay as well as restate the main points and tie it in together.

As future managers and leaders, this is the minimal level of expectation from you in universities and academic institutions. You would also need to read through the specifications for submission of essays pertaining to the following matters- the format of the document, criteria for evaluation as well as guidelines on plagiarism. Lack of attention to these can lead to lower scores on your final essay marks.

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