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Having great books are not enough to make a lesson interesting and exciting these days. Activities for students in school rooms have to now make use of technology to make their classes interesting.  iPads, tablets and mobiles are now a permanent part of a well prepared teacher’s arsenal.

There are a great variety of interesting apps available which will help ensure that students have fun while learning and acquiring knowledge, whether they are in their class or out on the field, in the bus or at home.

If you are interested in technology and how it has evolved over the years, you can check out IBM’s Think which is available both for iPad and Android. This app takes the student through a tour of how tools have taken on the form they have today. This would be a mind boggling asset to your educational app arsenal.

MyBlee is another interesting app, which allows the students to write onscreen using handwriting. The purpose behind this app is to promote and encourage students ot keep practicing their handwriting both online and offline. Greater use if smartphones and tablets may lead to loss of this valuable skill which encourages greater concentration, focus and lesser distractability as well as engages  their visual, cognitive and motor skills.

If you are stuck with memorising chemistry formulae and equation, try this app out: Chemistry Helper. This is a comprehensive app which links the periodic table to Wikipedia and you can get almost any information pertaining to chemical symbols, formulae, stoichiometry and calculations. This app certainly makes studying chemistry fun, easy and enjoyable.

Last but not the least, there are apps such as Anatomy 3D which helps to  make studying biology and the human body an explorative experience in 3D; which can really help you get inside the body and understanding it in a far better way, than you would, if you were sorely dependent on books alone!

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