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Common stresses faced by students in college

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 12:44 pm

Feeling overworked and tired?

Hemmed in by the hectic schedule? You are not alone.

Most students enter on their academic studies at school or college with great excitement but over time, they get drained and challenged by many things. The result is that they feel tired, demotivated and under pressure. In extreme situations, it can lead to students dropping out and thus failing to get their minimal graduate degree.  What are the things which students face in college and school?

Finding the main cause of stress

The change in usual life patterns can be a cause of stress. Missing home and loved ones, learning to live on their own and coping up with a new environment, new routines and new neighbours can really throw you off your feet.

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It can be unnerving especially if you are the kind who is not of a social disposition. You can end up suffering from anxiety disorders, loneliness, negativity unless and until you have a strong support network to provide you the anchorage you need in new conditions.

The workload is considerably higher than that which student normally encounter in schools. They are also expected to do more independently. The strict and rigorous academic standards as well as the non-level playing field between students in terms of their abilities can also lead to frustrations and stress.  It takes a toll, psychologically, mentally and physically. Exhaustion, no time to relax, poor food habits, poor sleeping habits, crazy night life, all add up to a very tough time. In addition, habits such as perfectionism and low self-confidence can also make things worse.

So if you are in college or you know anyone who is entering college, do ensure that they get some suggestions and ideas on how to cope with the pressures of college life; they will be glad that you helped them !

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