How to write an essay on architectural issues

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Interested in designing and constructing your own buildings? Or helping others in getting their buildings done? Architectural studies are the right course for you to take at your degree level. Architecture is about the design, creation and construction of buildings or structures on empty spaces or over already existing structures.


It is a complex field, with the use of complicated terms and nomenclature; and if you are planning to be one, you need to familiarize yourself with the use of related vocabulary from your school onwards. If you are looking to order an essay on Architectural issues, visit our webpage here and place your order with us.

Isn’t it a waste of time writing architectural essays?

Many architecture students find writing essays on this area, a chore. This is because their impression is that architecture students should focus on their art and designing and practice of methods, rather than wasting time, writing a lot of words on it. This attitude can lead to students themselves making architectural essay writing a tedious chore.

So, the best way to get over this and to make your academic life simpler is that- you got to understand that writing assignments is a compulsory part of all academic courses. Regardless of whether your course is oriented towards practical applications, you still need to demonstrate that you have acquired a sufficient understanding of the history, theory and practice. Writing a quality essay is one of the best ways for your lecturers to determine that.

How to write a good quality architectural essay

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Essay writing is a great way for you to demonstrate your reading, your understanding of a subject as well as your ability to think critically on a subject matter. You may be asked any number of times to write an essay on different aspects of architecture, over the course of your academic program; hence, it is good to start as early as possible.

An essay could be descriptive, narrative, argumentative or comparative in nature. A descriptive essay may require you to write in detail about some architecture practices or existing architectures whose designs may have influenced the field, as we know today. A comparative essay may ask you to compare, for example, a modern and a pre-modern way of designing buildings.

You must understand from the essay topic given to you, as to what is expected from you. This may not be easy as sometimes the language used to describe the issue can be a little ambiguous. Hence, it is good practice to read your topic a number of times, so as to make sure that you are on the right track. You need to choose your topic wisely, as the study of architecture governs a wide variety of topics. You can select a topic based on what has been taught in your classes, on the basis of the current curriculum or after taking expert advice from your lecturer.

Writing an essay also requires you to be methodical, analytical and organised in your presentation of the various arguments- this skill is also required for your practice as an architect. Right from the introduction to the conclusion, you need to display organised and logical thinking. There should be a connection between what you say and the evidence you give in support of it.

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