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Writing an application letter for a summer internship program

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 12:20 pm

Looking to earn some extra credits for your graduate or post-grad studies?

If you are unable to access high-end scholarships or get an all-encompassing loan, summer internships are the answer. Summer internships serve in three ways: they are a source of income, they can help you get extra credits and they provide you with the hands-on expertise and knowledge in your own future career.

Summer internship programs are in big demand in the West and in the US, as this is the time when college students can pick up valuable skills and experience. Looking for internship programs is not that easy, as there is a vast variety of them available out there, and you need to find the one of interest to you, that can also help with your course or professional pursuits. Even if you have found one, you need to be selected from a large number of applicants. So, how can you ensure that you can get selected for a suitable summer internship program?

Why an application essay is important

One of the most critical things which will play a primary role in your selection is the application essay. It is through the application essay that the admission office gets an idea of the candidate who is applying for the summer internship and whether they possess the abilities required to go through it.

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The essential features of the application letter

The application letter also conveys the attitude, the skill in expression and the intellectual ability of the candidate. All your academic qualifications are not enough to convince the employer to hire you: the application letter has to depict the type of person you are and show your aptness for the internship position.A poorly written and organized letter may convey little of your meritorious qualities.So instead of agonizing over how to write a perfect application letter, order one instead. It will be prepared by experts in the writing field.

How to write an application letter

The first thing to do is to determine how you are going to organize the letter.

This means that you have to make an outline of your letter and decide what kind of information you are going to put into it and how you are going to present it.

The letter has three parts: the first part is the introduction detailing your demographics and qualifications.

The second part is where you mention the objective of your application and set down the qualities and skills that you have which make you suitable for the internship.

The concluding part is where you summarise whatever you have mentioned previously, in a strong statement emphasizing why you should be selected for the internship.

The application letter is to be addressed to the Head Of the Department you are interested in. The introduction section of the letter requires you to introduce yourself. This would mean including information such as the course you are studying, the college and the year or semester of study. These particulars are required to convince that you are a genuine student. In the next paragraph, you can mention the objective of writing this letter. You will have to mention that you are writing the letter as you are interested in applying for the particular internship program offered in the department. This has to be mentioned along with a brief statement of why you consider yourself suitable for the post of an intern in the department.

Following this, you need to go into details about why you are interested in this internship program. You could give a short background detail of how you have prepared yourself for the internship and why it is important to you at this particular juncture in your career as a student as well as in the future.This course and internship may be the stepping stones to reach the top of the profession that has been your ambition. Otherwise, you can briefly outline the motivation that urged you to take up this course and internship – maybe because of your admiration of a person in the profession.

Describing your talents and abilities and also explaining why you have got what it takes to do justice to the internship program should follow next. For example, if you are applying for an internship in a journalism school, you can attach examples of writing which have won mentions or appreciations, to demonstrate your knack for creative writing. If you are applying for an internship in the robotics field, you can cite examples of where you worked on your own or alongside others, to produce interesting robotic exhibits in schools or competitions.

Prizes and awards won would certainly make your application more impactful and raise the stakes in the application process. This may convince the Department Head that granting you an internship would be beneficial, both for them and for you. You can additionally support your application by providing other experiences such as volunteering work, event management experience as well as other activities, relevant to your application.

A brief paragraph that describes your other essential qualities such as hard-working, attention to details, team-worker, leadership qualities, innovativeness or creativity, critical thinking and others that are necessary for your working in the situation and your relationship to the others there. This would portray you as a sociable person who can not only contribute to the team’s efforts but also an effective and talented worker.

The concluding paragraph of the letter should stress on your suitability for the internship by outlining your specific qualifications for the job.

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