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How to write a strong conclusion

Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 at 05:18 am

The essence of writing a quality essay

Writing a persuasive and powerful essay needs plenty of attention to structure, format, and organization. One of the pre-requisites of such an essay is a proper introduction and a definite conclusion.Writing an essay without a proper conclusion is equal to leaving the topic or issue hanging in thin air. After reading so much, the reader does not know what to make of it. Thus, we can consider the conclusion as the gift wrapping around the complete essay, which describes the essence of the essay.

Importance of strong conclusion

A strong conclusion is a prerequisite to a powerful and impactful essay. The intention of the essay to make the readers think, question, analyze an issue or subject of interest is successful only when the conclusion is effective.A good conclusion needs to fulfill the following objectives to achieve its purpose. The primary purpose of an essay’s conclusion is to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the readers regarding the content of the essay.

There are few basic functions of a strong conclusion. It should express the main point or thesis statement of the essay in a concise manner. It should re-emphasize the supporting points made previously, by highlighting them with regard to the main statement. And most importantly, it should not be a mere repetition of the points made during the course of the essay.

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Tips to write a strong conclusion

  • Ensure that you have not repeated anything within the conclusion. The purpose of the conclusion is to synthesize the different threads of information presented earlier, into a convincing finale. Hence, the aim should be to synthesize, then summarize. The conclusion should be able to generate new meaning from the information presented in the course of the essay.
  • No introduction of new material. That is distracting and distracts from the purpose of the conclusion.
  • Test the validity of the thesis statement: whether it is evidence-based and matches what has been discussed in the essay; it should stand the test.
  • The conclusion should be able to answer the question, “So, what”?
  • The conclusion should indicate the probable direction in which readers can go with respect to the particular topic; implications, results, consequences etc. It is considered to be the last word on the issue, for now.

How can you pack a punch in your essay’s conclusion?

Echoing the introduction is a great strategy. But what exactly is echoing? Through this strategy, you can link the part of the essay where it all began,i.e, the introduction and draw the reader more into the essay’s final element. Once the reader is able to find commonalities within the essay, he/she will be able to connect with your point more. Echoing helps you incorporate the elements of logical flow and coherence in your written material.

Another way to add that extra momentum in your conclusion is to terminate the essay by asking a question. This puts forth a challenge for the readers and piques their curiosity and intrigue. Many students prefer adding renowned and relevant quotes for the topic at hand. Quotes of eminent personalities in the respective field of expertise add more authenticity and weight to your essay. Along the same lines, you can also mention interesting statistics and findings which will not only support your stance but also provide the reader unique piece of information, adding quality to your write-up.

A mark of an intelligent essay writer is that he/she makes sure that if the essay is talking about a problem or issue at length, then the conclusion should ideally provide a solution. If not a very specific solution, then a list of alternatives that might help in minimizing the adverse effects of the problem. One very important agenda would be keeping the concluding statements fresh, natural, and very much relevant to the content of the essay. Refrain from using over-used phrases and cliches. These tend to bring down the overall quality of your essay since readers end up remembering the conclusion mostly.

What lies beyond?

How to write a great conclusion

Good essay writing skills show immense subject knowledge of the writer. In order to demonstrate your command over the subject matter, it would be vital if you could provide a glance of the future prospects of the issue discussed in the essay. For example, if the topic of the essay is the increasing virulence of dangerous diseases such as Ebola or SARS, your conclusion could provide a list of preventive measures or how the scenario is going to change in the next few years or decades. What steps are countries taking to halt the viral spread and/or how can the common population be involved in controlling such deathly epidemics.

Read quality essays

Pick up Animal Farm by George Orwell or Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw.These famous writings are nothing but great essays that succeed in elaborating and discussing important political and social issues faced by humanity by use of remarkable literary devices. In order to become as good an essay writer (or maybe even better), one will have to become well-versed with the works of other great writers. Reading quality literature is a never-ending process and quality writing comes with quality reading mostly. So, make it a point to regularly read quality essays and pay special heed to how these great writers have managed to pack quality, power, and intrigue in their concluding paragraphs.

Thus, the purpose of a conclusion is like a signpost at the end of a road; it indicates which direction the discourse or discussion can take. It indicates an exit sign; a temporary end to the discussion with some hints on the implications of what has been discussed. It is that final landmark in an essay which will establish the quality of your thinking and understanding. So to ensure that the conclusion is written in such a way that it leaves your audience thinking!

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