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Best research paper topics

On February 18th, 2019, Posted by admin

Research paper topic: How can it make or break your grade?

A research paper or dissertation is a significant element of your academic journey. A dissertation is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your area of interest and specialization and your ability to conduct systematic research in the same. It is the one platform where students are keenly graded on their ability to structure a logical and cogent response to an issue and how well they are able to articulate their research findings.

Drafting a dissertation is undoubtedly a daunting task. Who here hasn’t experienced the late night blasts of caffeine and endless hours of research on the internet? While it is true that penning down an entire research work is a herculean task, finding a research paper topic that best suits your academic requirement is equally laborious.

Why is something as simple as deciding on a research paper topic so important?

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This is because the research paper topic itself can show how interesting or thought-provoking your area of specialization is. It also displays to what extent have you gone in order to bring something new and untouched to the table. The research paper topic of your choosing should ideally try to bridge the gap between what is known and what can be further known. It should also be an ideal match for your personal areas of interest. And not to mention it must be relevant to the requirements of your respective educational program.

A research paper topic that has all of these elements will have a higher chance of getting you a better grade. It goes without saying that you are evaluated on the basis of how good is your dissertation topic. But how do you ensure that you have chosen the right one?

Let’s take a quick look at the basic elements that make a great research paper topic.

The difference between an average and an A+ research paper topic

research topicsThe academic world thrives in research and innovation. Your professors are keen on ranking those research papers high which not only mirror your research capability but also show that your dissertation can help advance the current levels of research. The following is a quick checklist of things your research paper topic MUST have:

  • Display in-depth research: Instead of having straightforward and generic thesis such as “Important of stem cell research” choose something in the lines of “The role of stem cells in treating chronic infections of the urinary bladder”.
  • Be interesting: Nothing spells bigger doom for your grade than a boring research paper topic. Try to pick something that is dynamic, intriguing, and piques the curiosity of the readers.
  • Close to your area of interest: Writing a research paper is requires an extensive commitment- towards the subject and towards writing a well-structured essay. If your choice of dissertation topic doesn’t bode well with your natural interest it is going to be a long and arduous journey. Not to mention, your professors will be able to gauge your limited interest in the topic through your writing implying a poor grade.
  • Have a higher purpose: What is the reason for writing a dissertation? The answer shouldn’t be “to get a grade and passing credits”. Research work is thoroughly conducted in every realm of learning and education to encourage the spirit of “solution-finding”. Every area of research is blocked by several obstacles. If your research paper can even attempt to move it an inch, your dissertation would have fulfilled its purpose.

Enough about the rules let us check out some great research paper topics pertaining to different subjects.

List of best research paper topics – Subject wise

Below mentioned is a comprehensive list of some great research topics. This list aims to provide you with an idea on how to finalize a research paper topic and also structure it in the best way possible. Your journey of getting an A+ in your research paper starts from here…

Business and management

  • Challenges and innovations in Human Resource Management in the current scenario.
  • General accepted principles of Strategic Management Methodology.
  • Critical evaluation of different theories on organizational behavior.
  • Do companies lose a competitive advantage because of animal testing and biased responses?
  • Nondisclosure agreements: Can they save the company from former greedy employees?
  • Critical analysis of the death penalty in the face of corporate crimes.
  • Do the disadvantages of outsourcing in multi-national companies (MNCs) outweigh the advantages?
  • Is the concept of free market a capitalistic utopia or an achievable goal?
  • Evaluating charity and philanthropy as an advertisement strategy in business.
  • The impact of relationship marketing in the telecommunication industry.

Marketing and Advertising

  • The role of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in reinforcing brand equity.
  • Comparative analysis of different attributes influencing consumer behavior in the arena of online fashion shopping.
  • Changes and innovations expected in internet shopping in the face of rapidly changing social media technology and AI.
  • Critical evaluation of brand attributes that establish customer loyalty.
  • Understanding the role of celebrity endorsements in ROI of the top 10 international FMCG brands.
  • What are some of the most effective marketing strategies used by mobile restaurant businesses worldwide?
  • A comparative study of urban and rural marketing strategies and the most predominant challenges facing both.
  • Does internal branding affect employee retention and turnover?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having gendered advertisements?
  • A comprehensive study of factors that influence impulse buying behaviors in consumers.


  • Analyzing the purchasing power of a consumer and the impact of price rise on the same in a developing economy.
  • Critical evaluation of the future of “crowdfunding” and the benefits associated with it.
  • The micro and macroeconomic impacts on the automobile industry owing to the growth of global environmental concerns.
  • Is the 35-hour working week justified in terms of economic viability and employee satisfaction?
  • What are the factors that essentially make a capitalist economy a monopoly?
  • A comparative analysis of crime rates and economic growth in the 10 most crime-affected cities of the USA.
  • A complete study of government budgets, deficits, and debt in the Trump economy.
  • Identifying the factors affecting the economics of gender in first world countries.
  • Defining “Bounded Rationality” and “Empirical Realism” in the realm of behavioral economics.
  • Understanding the difference between Game theory and Microeconomics.


  • The historical impact of the speech by Martin Luther King.
  • Evaluating the cultural impact of the “Hippie movement” and how has it shaped the thinking of the 21st-century youth.
  • A comparative analysis of the rise of the Egyptian regime under each of its prominent queens.
  • The trading routes of the Renaissance period and how do these impact modern-day trading?
  • The factors leading up to the Vietnam War and the sociopolitical as well as cultural scars left by it.
  • The importance of monasteries and churches in medieval Europe and their role in educating the masses.
  • What are the stark similarities and differences between the “crusaders” and the “jihadis”?
  • The cultural and economic impact of British colonial rule over India.
  • A comprehensive study of major political upheavals leading to World War I.
  • A summary of the civil rights movement in the USA.

Crime and Law

  • A comprehensive study of religious laws and crimes in low and middle-income countries.
  • How has mass media helped solve instances of major crime?
  • Understanding the various facets of identity theft and why is it a modern-day crime?
  • How outdated and archaic are the laws pertaining to cyber crimes? What changes are sought in this field to make criminal identification easier?
  • Addressing the global issue of sex-trafficking and prostitution and what dire measures are required in bringing this down.
  • How can the government undo the harm caused by wrongful convictions?
  • An in-depth study of the rising of mental illnesses and the rate of homicides in the USA.
  • Quantitative criminology: How has it improved the rate of rightful convictions?
  • The legal and cultural consequences of #MeToo movement.
  • What are the factors that promote hate crime in immigrant-rich nations such as the USA?


  • Different methods of pain –relief therapy and the suitability of each method in terms of age and gender parameters.
  • Addressing the psychological condition of cancer patients and the most effective ways to deal with the said issues.
  • Evaluating the benefits and hazards associated with antipsychotic medications.
  • The critical modules involved in taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • An assessment of policies and government intervention in case of assisted suicides.
  • A comprehensive study of midwifery and infant care.
  • A complete analysis of cardiovascular risk factor scores in relation to age and gender.
  • Discuss the recent developments in the area of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research and how do these challenge the traditional model of study and diagnosis.
  • The pros and cons of water birth.
  • Challenges facing nurses when dealing with patients of highly infectious diseases. What is the protection protocol?


  • Assessment and evaluation of different roof-systems in terms of their energy-saving potential.
  • Best solutions for thermal insulation in low and middle-income countries.
  • A complete study on the ancient Roman architecture and how has it shaped modern-day European skyline.
  • Understanding the Italian architectural landscape by analyzing the architecture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Study into the stark differences and similarities between religious and military architecture forms in medieval Europe.
  • Examining the essentials of Baroque architecture and how has it seeped into modern-day architecture.
  • Comparative analysis of different engineering materials employed in modern-day architecture.
  • How can architecture be involved in combating global climate change?
  • Atomic-level tailoring of nanomaterials and its applicability in bridge construction.
  • The types of vernacular architecture in the 21st century.


  • Analyzing the “stream of consciousness” style of literature.
  • Critiquing the best of utopian and dystopian literature and understanding the socio-cultural impact of each.
  • How much did contemporary occult practices influence the works of Shakespeare?
  • The rise of fan-fiction literature and how has growth of social media impacted this genre.
  • Critical analysis of the best instances of irony and sarcasm in classic literature.
  • Understanding the critical parameters that made “Harry Potter” anthology a great success among children and adults.
  • What are some of the best examples of feminist literature? How do these works reflect in the modern-day feminist movement?
  • Analysis of Victorian literature.
  • A comprehensive study of the works of Hemingway and how does it influence modern-day literature.
  • The works of J.R.R Tolkien and his contribution to the field of artificial languages in literature.

Political Science

  • A complete assessment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  • The political correctness of celebrity participation in political campaigns.
  • The similarities and differences among the most prominent totalitarian governments across the globe.
  • Why do political forms such as “Confederalism” appear and how do they appear in the system?
  • Examining the main principles of operation for “Divided Governments”.
  • A critical comparison of presidential republics and parliamentary republics. Which one of these provides a more stable political system?
  • The role of public relations in politics and how has recent technological improvements changed the relationship between them.
  • The use of terrorism as a political agenda by militant states.
  • Does the concept of “common good” apply to politics?
  • The pros and cons of Rational Choice Theory.


  • The most effective method to analyze accounting training for both European and Asian based associations.
  • The importance of ethics in accounting.
  • How do financial markets influence large economies on an international scale?
  • The role of organizational culture in accounting and how has it brought paradigm shifts in the same?
  • The scope and future of forensic accounting.
  • The application of neural networks in identifying bankruptcy and other financial issues.
  • The impact of the global economic crisis on microfinance banks in low and middle-income countries.
  • Credit management systems and issues of bad debt in the top commercial banks.
  • The role of mergers and acquisitions as growth strategies.
  • Application of cost accounting to management planning, control, and decision-making as seen in the example of (any MNC, eg: Coca Cola).


  • A comprehensive study of the factors that affect social cognition within a family.
  • A descriptive analysis of the most harrowing learning difficulties associated with children and their psychological impact.
  • Critical analysis of the “bystander effect” in social psychology.
  • The cultural factors that affect bereavement after a miscarriage.
  • Are autistic children a boon or a bane to the society?
  • The role of parental development in child psychology.
  • Can criminal traits of a parent/sibling be imbibed by a child upon familial exposure?
  • The psychology behind “asexuality” as a sexual orientation.
  • The rise of social media and anxiety-related disorders in the urban class.
  • The large-scale prevalence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in certain countries/economies.

International Affairs

  • Evaluating the reasons behind the Korean peninsula being a war-prone zone.
  • How were international relations between the West and the Middle East influenced by 9/11?
  • Understanding the relationship between the UN and the USA: In what ways does the USA undermine the power of the former?
  • How far has the USA come in terms of using its economic and political powers for “bullying” other nations through its foreign policy?
  • How has the formation of a ‘Single European Entity’ served to influence Britain’s foreign policy goals?
  • Does true democracy exist in international relations or does the concept of “back door” entry still majorly influence foreign policies?
  • Understanding the influence of big corporations in political and diplomatic decisions.
  • A critical evaluation of the USA- Russia foreign relationships.
  • What are the hallmarks of international relations in the last two decades marked by the post-cold war era?
  • How effective has the United Nations Security Council been in providing a safe ground for international dialogues?


  • The impact of GMO (genetically modified organism) food in modern-day nutrition habits and holistic health trends.
  • The ethical and medical factors associated with human cloning.
  • Recent advances in chemical warfare and how can it influence geopolitical policies?
  • How far has robotic surgery come in eliminating the need of human surgeons?
  • The application of data mining in detecting technical fraud and thefts.
  • Cloud computing: Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages.
  • How is the global economy affected by the continual development of technological globalization?
  • What are the positive and negative effects of being long-term involved in technology-dominated lives?
  • The rise of AI and its future influence of human employability.
  • What’s the contribution of Steve Jobs to the world of technology?


  • An in-depth study of preventive medicine and holistic healthcare provisions for senior citizens.
  • A qualitative analysis of the obstacles faced by people in terms of smoking cessation.
  • Understanding the underlying factors that drive obesity rates in populations with the highest rates of depression and anxiety.
  • Is the current day technology a boon or a bane to public health?
  • The most effective rehabilitation methods for Traumatic Brain Injuries in case of athletes.
  • The medical and ethical issues pertaining to the medicinal use of marijuana in treating anxiety-related disorders and de-addiction.
  • A detailed study of the parameters most likely to give rise to breast cancer in females residing in urban areas of high-income countries.
  • What are the best governmental policies in eradicating vaccine hesitancy?
  • The rise of fast/processed food consumption and the subsequent rise of allergies and asthma in children below the age of 5 years.
  • The importance of improved dietary and lifestyle habits to prevent chronic metabolic disorders.
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