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An active Facebook life can motivate students

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Facebook is ubiquitous

The thumbs up sign has come a part and parcel of adults’ online lives. If it has attained that level of indispensability for us, imagine how it is for students?

Originally founded by a group of university students, Facebook is the most popular social networking site amongst people including students. No wonder, it provides a great way to exchange information, to keep track of each other, to chat and message discretely. With the increasing amounts of time spent on the internet and especially on social media, it is a natural question to ask: how does facebook impact students’ lives and academic performance?

Parents and others may worry about declining grades and the effect of addiction. It is not an unreasonable fear. But would it surprise you to know that a study indicates that instead of having a negative effect on grades, active Facebook usage and sharing of links can boost up a student’s grades?

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Studies reveal that…

Well, that is what the preliminary study conducted by a research group in Lock Haven University in the US shows: students who share number of links, have higher grades as compared to those who shared less number of links. While excessive spending of time on Facebook can affect users’ performance, frequent but short sessions of Facebook does not seem to do harm to students’ academic performance.

Another study shows that students who are Facebook users, tend to spend more time on university campus activities, though it depletes them of the time at work. While these results are encouraging, the same study also shows that students deprived of Facebook usage experience addiction symptoms. Facebook is their main media of news and without their daily dose, students felt depressed.

A little mix of good and bad and all things nice- that is what is Facebook is. On the whole, Facebook can be said to add value and motivation to a student’s life. All that is needed is to ensure that the motivation does not go overboard and develop into addiction.

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