Military personals killings

Military personals participating in killings

One can find military personals participating in killings and other military personnel from other nations today. It is to ponder if this ruthless and heartless act is a result of their tough training or is it done under the pretense of state terrorism, where the state sponsors terrorism against people from their own country or outsiders. Members of a military unit can kill others to either establish their superiority in some cases, or this could killing could also be a result of an adrenaline rush and acting on impulse. Strong emotional factors such as hatred, fear, and revenge also instigate them to kill without feeling guilty. Massacres are an example of the extensive killing done by the military. Another example is the famous Fort Hood Shooting where a US Army person shot 43 people and the reason was termed psychiatric disturbances.

Military personals killings: The psychology

A lot of work on the psychology of people when and why they harm others has been done by Stanley Milgram. Milgram conducted a study where he instructed one group of people to play a quiz with another group (which was actually his confederate), and when the second group failed the test, the first group would give them an electric shock. Milgram found people readily giving a shock to the other group without actually thinking about the consequences. He stated the Theory of Obedience as what works most in such cases. He found about 63% of the people would blindly listen to others and follow their judgment even if their own judgement is different. People in the military especially, are trained under very strict disciplinarian conditions and are taught to obey orders from their superiors without letting emotions affect them. This conditions them to kill others without any feeling of wrongdoing. Milgram also studied the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam where Americans killed over 350 people under the belief they were ‘following orders’ and doing it for their country. Another probable reason is soldiers believe if they don’t kill their opponent, they risk getting killed by him. Nowadays, unfortunately, military works on rewiring the human brain training them to kill instantly without involving emotions and thereby indulging in ‘killology’.

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