Courage is necessary for every successful person in life. Success would mean in this sense ability to achieve set targets for a particular person’s life. Different people are faced with different situations in their lives but courage is among the qualities that rescued them from the doom of failure. Success comes in different forms but the thrill and satisfaction after achieving the goals is the same for all people. Success is again a continuous process and not a one instance. Some people are born with innate courage to undertake situations that seem insurmountable for other people.

Courage in School Students

Courage has many forms and different people exhibit different actions of courage towards specific objects or agenda. In education, courage is needed and necessary. In this sector, a student who can be said to be courageous is a student who is always willing and is able to study and face complex subjects without limitations based on subject challenges. In most cases, students find it irrational for them to continue pushing success in subjects in mathematics and sciences. A courageous student must make these subjects his or her subjects of choice (Atwood, 21).

This form of courageousness requires determination, commitment and sacrifice. These subjects are known for being difficult and require a lot of concentration. Holding all factors constant, to succeed in this area, one must be willing to sacrifice in other fields such as sports and others. It does not mean that one cannot participate in them, but the student who stands to be counted in this area must be willing not to focus entirely in them as these subjects require determination and concentration of high order. All the same, this is the way out for a brighter tomorrow.

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A student who passes all subjects in his or her exam can be considered courageous and focused. The reason for him or her to be branded with this tag is because not many people who can be found who would be willing to combine mathematics and sciences as their major in school. Those who work for this combination also risk failing the subject, holding the fact that these two areas are demanding. Students of this nature deserve recognition mainly when they pass well and exhibit courage.

Developing Courage

Developing courage needs one to listen to encouragements from successful people through listening to tapes, reading people and sometimes associating with like-minded people whenever possible. People are talented heavily but they lack the willpower and courage to use them for their own advantage in life. Indeed, without ability to confront challenges, there is little that once can achieve. Courage is one of the means of struggling to tackle the challenges that face an individual’s life. In business, courage is exemplified in entrepreneurs taking the risk to use ideas actualize in their minds. Successful people in business renowned world over such as Bill Gates, George Soros and even Rockefeller from history did have to stand against challenges to push their way to overcome the challenges in life. An example of courage to succeed in business is American real estate Trump had debts in excess of billion before taking the challenge to ask banks for time to settle the debts.


Despite this, all students are courageous and anybody who intends to learn and understand things that he or she does not know can be treated as a hero of his or her kind (Ladigbolu, 20). It is important for all students to realize this and start working as heroes of tomorrow who must sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.

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