Health Promotion Program

According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of mental, social and physical well- being. Being healthy does not simply mean the absence of infirmity or disease(The Early Start National Resource Center 2). Therefore, it’s essential for individuals to pay attention to all aspects of their development and environment to uphold health and well- being.

In addition, it’s important for an individual to have a health promotion program since it improves one’s psychological, social, spiritual and physical outcomes. It also helps in the control or reduction of general health care costs through the emphasis on the prevention of health problems and the promotion of healthy living.

A health promotion program provides planned, systematized and structured activities and occurrences over time, which focuses on assisting an individual to make informed decisions in relation to their health. Therefore, in my health promotion program, I will come up with a weekly program constituting a number of activities that I will implement on a daily basis. This I believe is critical to my health and other interested individuals.

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Physical fitness and health

Physical fitness is fundamental in overall health, thus the first day of the week, i.e. during free time; I will go to the gym which is equipped with facilities such as treadmills, dumbbells among others. This is essential in creating a good physique, breakdown of excess fat, facilitate in blood flow, relaxation of muscles, among others.

On the second day, in the morning before attending classes, I will go for jogging in order to feel fresh both in mind and body throughout the day. Jogging is an essential exercise it will strengthen my body muscles, and facilitate the flow of blood.

People who are spiritually and emotionally healthy are in control of their behaviors and thoughts, keep problems in control and feel good about them. This kind of mental resilience is crucial in boosting an individual’s overall quality of life. Therefore, on the third day of the week, I will go to a well-equipped and affordable facility that offers stress management aspects. In this case, I will be able to relax, listen to soft music, read books that basically cover health promotion aspects. In addition, I will have a message that is important in relieving low- back pain, depression and stimulation of lymph flow.

On the fourth day of the week i.e. in the evening after classes, I will be involved in sport, for instance, I will either play football, lawn- tennis or swimming. This is important in the reduction of stress and anxiety levels, creation of higher self-esteem among others.

On the fifth day, i.e. in the evening after classes I will be engaged in mind games such as playing chess, filling a crossword puzzle, among others. They are important as I will enhance my mental health and well- being since they entail general knowledge, creativity, and common sense,

On the sixth day of the week, I will be involved in a social activity such as watching a movie, going for picnics with my family or friends, or get involved in community services. This is critical in improving my socialization aspect as it involves performing the essential responsibilities and being able to maintain good relationships with other people.  It also involves being co-operative with others whenever a task is assigned.

Social relationships and health

Having satisfying social relationships create greater satisfaction, happiness increases cognitive abilities, and reduces physical ailments. To be precise, a socially healthy individual easily makes friends and maintains them, rarely quarrels with others, and is kind and considerate to other people.

On the last day of the week, I will attend a church service. Spiritual well- being is essential as it lowers the intensity of depression amongst young people, adults, and children. In addition, the support derived from leaders, clergy, and members of religious gatherings, is broadly regarded as one of the key arbitrators between mental and spiritual health. Together with other kinds of social support, religious and spiritual can be an important source of companionship, self- esteem, companionship, information and practical help that allows people to deal with stress and negative life occurrences.

Emotions encouraged in various spiritual traditions, such as contentment, hope, forgiveness, and love, may serve a person by having an effect on the neural pathways which connect to the immune and endocrine systems In addition; the belief of a supreme being reduced the depressive symptoms. Later I will attend a yoga class which helps in the reduction of anxiety.

Other than the above-mentioned aspects of healthy living, I will ensure that I sleep for at least eight hours a day, eat three times a day, a well- balanced diet constituting of proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, and a fruit if possible, I should avoid junk and fatty foods at all costs to reduce the chances of suffering from heart- related diseases, obesity, among others.

Therefore with those few words full of wisdom, I positively believe that the maintenance of good health needs the recognition of all aspects of health and keeping them in balance so that they work best to anyone. In addition, health is viewed as a condition in which the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social aspects work in a holistic manner. Body, spirit, mind, family, job, beliefs, education and community determine the health of an individual.


Early Head Start National Resource Center. “A Holistic Approach to Health and Safety. 2004. Retrieved on 9 May, 2012 from http://www.ehsnrc.org/pdffiles/ta7.pdf

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