Canadian alcohol and drug use monitoring survey

Recently, the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey (CADUMS) has been conducting a survey, for finding out the number of Canadians who use drugs, alcohol, and other substances, and the number of Canadians affected by the usage of these substances, even if they aren’t utilizing them. CADUM survey conducted telephone interviews with over 10,076 participants in all ten provinces of Canada (Health Canada 2012)’

The CADUM survey found out that70.8% Canadians aged between15 to 24years consumed alcohol (Health Canada 2012). Therefore I don’t agree that 92% of Canadians in universities take beer once a week.

I agree that 83% of those who go to the casino spend more than they had planned, since it’s a very addictive and exciting game, and most casinos don’t have clocks and windows, thus making one forget about time and focus on the game. Also, I agree that 18% of adults are addicted to porn since most of them are past the age of experimenting in sexual activities, the highest number is highest is seen among teenagers.

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Statistics provided by the CADUM survey put into account the values of participants, as it emphasizes privacy. In this case, the information provided by the respondent like telephone number isn’t broadcasted to the public. The information is utilized by the survey firm for the stipulated project and shattered one year after the conclusion of data collection. Besides, only group data is published, and potentially identifying information is removed from the data produced.

CADUM survey gives information concerning the prevalence of risky drinking by gender; in this case, men incur a higher long term and short term risk compared to women, since they consume alcohol more frequently in comparison to women within a week, thus making the information more relevant. The credibility of a CADUM survey statistical report can be improved through imposing penalties such as demotion, dismissal, among others to individuals who unlawfully change statistics or ask other people to do so. Besides, individuals who leak data about personal information should face similar penalties.

Moreover, a statistical report can be accepted at face value if it offers diverse statistical measurement tools, and how they vary from one another. For instance the use of mean to show averages, which determines the distribution of income. Another example is the correlation coefficient which helps one understand the extent to which two things relate to each other.

I would question a statistical report if it doesn’t provide information regarding the cultural, social, physical and environmental aspects of an issue, for instance, the age category which mostly abuses drugs. Furthermore, my personal experience/ knowledge such as collecting and analyzing data regarding the issue at hand can make me accept statistical findings.


Health Canada (2012).HealthConcerns: Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey. Retrieved on 23 July, 2012, from


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