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How to write a communication and media studies paper

Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 at 05:21 am

Understanding what is communication studies!

If you are studying a course related to communication studies or you are interested in pursuing a course in communication studies, you would be dealing with a lot of information from many different fields put together to explain about how people communicate with each other. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, this field requires extensive reading from diverse fields such as humanities, psychology, fine arts, social sciences, technologies etc.So if you are going to write an assignment or an essay on this subject, you would know that it can be pretty challenging. There are some primary areas of communication studies, from which you would have to source your problem from. These include interpersonal and organizational communication, use of rhetoric in communication and social movements, studies of performances and media and film studies, which involves the dissemination of thoughts to a wider audience, using different devices.

Your paper should focus on an issue of communication, which is relevant to present times. A talk with your course lecturer or going through the course curriculum and reading material would give you an idea on how to identify a suitable thesis or problem statement for your paper.

Thesis statement

This is the theme around which your paper revolves. You need to mention this clearly in the introduction of the paper.

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This  represents the main idea of your essay. You would also need to explain some background to the idea, as to why you chose it and what makes you feel this idea is worth selection.

Your thesis statement could be about what makes some people about to communicate better in a certain situation as compared to others or contrasting the different communication styles in genders.

The statement has to be really specific not broad-based. You should gather enough evidence for the same.

The structure of the paper

Every paper would have an abstract, an introduction, a method, results, and discussion. The abstract would describe your paper in short: it includes the main idea, method used and conclusions. The main body of the paper would be about the idea you have explored in the paper and how you went about doing it. So, for example, if you are carrying out a study on the use of rhetoric as a means for understanding the relationship between characters, you would need to use the speeches of the characters as the subject of your analysis.

As a developing communication expert, you would need to demonstrate three skills in your essay:

  • The ability to read and comprehend material on the subject from scholarly sources. This means, that you have to synthesize ideas on this matter, which are already in the knowledge sphere.
  • The ability to analyze the opinions and views of others on the subject and to synthesize those ideas.
  • The ability to demonstrate your own thinking, and your own understanding of the issue and put it into words. The ability to generate your own ideas on the phenomenon, on the basis of what you have read and application of your own abilities.

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