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On May 10th, 2018, Posted by admin

WEBSITE CRITIQUE OF https://www.irs.gov/

The site provides useful information about how to file taxation. The specific detail about the filing of income tax returns and the procedure is mentioned.



⇑ Detailed information and instruction is provided regarding every aspect of the income tax return filing.
⇑ The link for paying tax is provided for separate entities like individuals, corporations, businesses and
government entities.


⇓ The last date of filing the return is not mentioned. Further, the fine that will be levied if one misses the
deadline or does not files the return, is not mentioned as well.

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⇑ The format is easy to follow
⇑ Each section is provided under different tab, and there is a drop down menu to suggest what to expect
under each tab.


⇓ The use of jargons and short forms in the site makes it difficult for the common man to follow the
instructions. The use of simple words would have made it more user-friendly.



⇑ The site uses “text only”, with no use of graphics.
⇑ The site’s server speed is good, and it is easy to navigate from one page to another.
⇑ There is no special requirement to download tools such as PDF viewer or flash player is not needed.
⇑ The site has been facilitated in various languages from Chinese to Spanish and many others.


⇓ While navigating through the site, sometimes a pop-up comes for the customer satisfaction survey.
This evaluation is a hindrance to the full-fledged website viewing experience.


The overall experience of the website was very satisfying. The website is very useful in terms of the information imparted and the e-filing of taxation.

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