Legalization of Prostitution in the USA

Should Prostitution be legalized in the USA?

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Prostitution is illegal in the regions of the United States (U.S), except in some rural based states like Nevada. However, prostitution exists in most of the parts of the country in different forms. Prostitution was made illegal merely because of the Temperance Union of Women’s Christians. Disgracing of women in the early 90s was one of the main reasons behind making prostitution illegal; however, there was some existence of positive HIV/AIDS as well (Flowers, 2011).

Commercial sex in the region of the United States is available by going to bars, strip shows, phone sex lines, internet, pornographic magazines and many other forms. There is a direct connection found between sex and internet-based industries that show how the sex industry is capable to absorb and adopt from its current stereotypical, back stress, seedy into a modern and well diversified enterprise in today’s world. According to statistics, the sex industry is an industry which is creating revenue by more than US$ 57 billion across the globe; however, the amount of strip clubs is comparatively higher in the United States as compared to any other nation of the world (Treasurers, 2010). The revenue generated from the porn industry is larger than all of the combined revenues of professional based football, baseball and other basketball franchising, as the porn industry of the United States is generating more than US$ 6.2 billion in a year. The proportion of generation of revenue through commercial sex is mentioned below

Escort Services and Magazines are some of the major mediums comprise in the sex industry of the United States. Currently, since the activity of prostitution is illegal, prostitutes of the United States (US) do not report these earnings and in consequences to that they are not entitled to pay taxes. If the prostitution would have been legalized in the United States, then such earnings would come under the ambit of the tax likewise Netherlands is doing, generating over US$ 500 million a year in terms of taxation (Hoehn, 2007). If United States legalized prostitution then the sex industry of the country may earn as much as US$ 9.37 billion annually (Hoehn, 2007). Citizens of the United States (US), as well as other parts of the world are in the favor to legalize prostitution business, as in the below mentioned chart

Canada is the country in which the people are very much in the favor of legalizing prostitution; however the proportion of the people who are in the favor of legalization of prostitution in the United States is still lower than Britain, Israel and New Zealand. As per the statistics, global pornography revenue will reach to a level of US$ 340 billion by the end of the year 2030 (Annoynoyms, 2011). There are certain reasons from which it founds that why legalization of prostitution would worth for the United States

  • Legalized prostitution would certainly allow the state to require that all the prostitutes take regular health exams that helps them to ensure that her health is perfectly alright and it is safe to have sexual relationship
  • Legalization of prostitution would give employment rights to the prostitutes from which they can have better income for them and can raise their voice against any discrimination
  • Legalization of prostitution enables the prostitutes to contribute in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States in terms of taxes
  • Nearly, 16% of the population of the United States live under the line of poverty, but legalization of prostitution may help out this number to be diminish in the near future
  • Due to high unemployment in the United States many of the women and men are turning towards prostitutions from desperation, and if they have known that their act is legal then the slope of the unemployment rate graph of the country would go towards the lower direction


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