Importance of Studying Education


This paper is about the concepts I have learned as a student at Ashford University. It speaks of the important concepts that I have learned as part of my course and during my stay at the university. The paper also speaks of my future plans on how to use the knowledge I have acquired from the university to good practical use.

The Importance of Studying Education

At Ashford University 

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The best part of a man’s life is definitely the student days! I say so, after having studied at this deemed university for so many years and have found it to be very true. I have definitely gained a lot from my course of education, and am thankful from the bottom of my heart to the college and its faculty who have made it happen.

Concepts learned during my Degree Course

I have gained a lot from my course, the most important being communication skills. This gives me the confidence to face life and people in general. I now have the confidence to address people, interact with them, put across my points effectively and overall – influence them with my point of view.

Concepts learned during my time at the University

My days at the university also have taught me how to deal with other students; I have definitely acquired a ‘team spirit’ by participating in various sports and other cultural activities, which as we all know are part of the culture at Ashford. I have mingled with students of different cultures and got to know that there is a really such a thing as a ‘Unity in diversity’. The teachers at the university have taught us to be good citizens and live in peace and co-existence with people of different nationalities and race – now that’s an important lesson in ‘world peace’ which I’m sure must go beyond the walls of this campus and spread to the rest of the world.

The importance of gaining knowledge from the General Education

Obtaining knowledge from general courses is definitely very important. These courses help us students, improve our thinking capability which in turn helps in problem-solving; this applies to our future jobs as well as life in general.

Catherine Seraphin quotes Wendy Sherman Heckler, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of University Programs at the University of. Otterbein, “Regarding students who think general education requirements are pointless, she says this option isn’t right for everyone. There are plenty of careers where a pointed program, like an associate degree, might be the perfect foundation for a skilled position. But a truly well-rounded education will help students think for themselves, “deal with unforeseen issues, think critically, and solve problems. One often-overlooked benefit, regardless of the type of general education program, is the ability for students to do some discovering. For undecided students in particular, general education requirements enable them to explore the options available at a particular school, without the potential of getting off track and wasting credits—and in turn, wasting money”.

No matter how technical you get, if you cannot think and act your way out of problems, then you keep getting stuck in the same job situations or difficulties over and over again and obviously cannot ask the boss for a raise; neither can you improve in life!

According to Catherine M. Wehlbur (2010), “General Education has been an essential part of American higher education for a long time. Unfortunately, it is seen by many students, faculty, and even parents as something to get out of the way so that the student can go on to learn more “important” courses within a chosen major. This way of thinking does a disservice to the student, the student’s learning, and the overall expectations for a baccalaureate degree. Institutions of higher educations have a responsibility to develop a meaningful general education curriculum that cultivates the qualities of thinking, communication, and problem solving”.

Our university definitely has such a good curriculum; I am lucky to have gained critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as part of my course. This gives me the confidence to face life and my future career with confidence.

How my education can benefit the community?

My skills in tutoring children of all ages can be put to good use. In fact, I plan to start my own school to benefit poor people in the community. I understand that a good education is not affordable by many, so I want to put my skills to the best use by formulating a curriculum which includes practical tasks along with theory so that by the time he/she gets to college, they are beaming with smiles of confidence and self-esteem.

How I plan to develop personally and professionally using the acquired knowledge?

As stated earlier, I am going to start a school; it will not just help the community but my personal development as well. I will be using my organizational skills to run a small institution, by appointing teachers, formulating a curriculum, mentoring the teachers, speaking to other academicians, meeting the parents of our students. Overall, I will have the time of my life and put my knowledge to best use.


I have gained a lot of theoretical as well as practical knowledge during my stay at Ashford University. This gives me the confidence to use all my skills to good use in the future. I plan to start a school for the poor sections of our community so that they receive the best education and succeed in life. I am grateful to my teachers who have made me capable enough to bring a change to society, especially the underprivileged, in my own little way.


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