Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Question one

Basic needs are physical, social, and emotional needs that an individual cannot live without as they are integral to human functionality.

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Inalienable right refers to the rights that cannot be transferred or taken away from an individual.

Human trafficking is the unlawful coercion and recruitment of people into forced labor or services often in the form of sexual exploitation.

Question two

The contemporary world has widened the list of basic needs as opposed to the traditional list entailing shelter, food, and clothing. Other essential basic needs include education, social security, care and protection, playback through marriage, rules, and regulation, and religion.

Question three

The opposition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights emanates from the argument that the focus on individual freedoms in European and North American countries undermines imperative collective rights underscored by other countries.

Question four

Having one’s basic needs met is a fundamental right and the government should be responsible for their attainment. According to LWV (2021), the government should establish ideal social programs to promote self-sufficiency.

Question five

The main rights outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom include fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, and legal rights. Canadian rights are considerably extensive and more democratic in numerous aspects compared to those of other nations.

Question six

Global trade has resulted in faster technological progress although its problem lies in the rapid immense depletion of natural resources.

Transportation and movement of people have provided an opportunity to meet new people. Conversely, it has created navigation problems.

Media has promoted quick dispersion of relevant information although it is also quick in spreading false news.

Faster mobile internet is a benefit of communication technology. It however breaches privacy, especially for sensitive information.

Question seven

Human trafficking is the use of fraud, coercion, or force to acquire a form of labor or commercial sex act.


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