The world constantly experiences challenges that emanate from various aspects of life facing humans in different countries due to constructs and interferences such as conflicts, climate change, and debt burden which significantly alter the ability of the society to function appropriately. For instance, according to Keeley (2015), economic equality is a global phenomenon that affects both developed and developed countries in equal measures. In recent decades, income inequality has been rising considerably with the mean disposable income of the wealthiest ten percent in OECD nations being nine percent higher than that of the poorest ten percent. Today, it is about nine and a half percent, an indication that the world has transitioned into a more unfair state in terms of wealth distribution and equality among people. The gap between the rich and poor continues to widen across the continuum of malnutrition, AIDS, level of literacy, and conflict. As such, it is imperative to address the issues at their core considering that it is the main topic of discussion by numerous media corporations. The hunger campaign is increasingly becoming profound in many countries with the evidence of its existence unfolding as a result of war and conflict as observed in countries such as Syria and Ethiopia.

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Conflict and Covid-19 in Syria

In a report by Oxfam Canada, Syria is the country that was most affected by the effects of hunger in 2020 (Oxfam Canada, 2021). Frequent conflicts and Covid-19 highlighted the existing immense disparity between the rich and the poor. The story of Moussa, a widow who suffered from the adverse impacts of conflict and Covid-19 in Syria described how she was doing relatively well before the pandemic and how its emergence alongside the conflicts impeded her ability to fend for her children (Oxfam Canada, 2021).

My social campaign would as such entail the need for governments to intervene in the situation by establishing policies that would shield the local people from the severities of the pandemic. Considering the significance of the media as an informative tool, I would start a social justice campaign that would establish a global awareness of the extreme impacts of the pandemic and conflict on the lives of individuals whose financial positions are inadequate in fulfilling the secondary needs required during times of emergencies. Social media would as such become central in my campaign considering its effectiveness in reaching diverse populations globally.


Social problems exist in both developed and developing countries with their existence serving as evidence of the existing disparities between the rich and poor. Conflicts, Covid-19, and hunger are social issues that proliferate such inequalities. In my social campaign against conflict and the need to establish appropriate Covid-19 containment measures, I would amplify the need for governments to cooperate in establishing appropriate and absolute policies for every individual in Syria.


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Keeley, B. (2015). OECD insights income inequality the gap between rich and poor: The gap between rich and poor. oecd Publishing.

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