Abortions and Their Effect on Society

Abortions and their effect on society
Abortion and infanticide are becoming a common phenomenon in this era of so-called modern society. The human beings, the most sensitive and emotional creatures of the earth that God has ever created, pretending to forget their cultural roots and lineage. The shocking and terrifying factor of child mortality rate leading us towards the truth of eradication and obliteration of human values and the human race. Man becomes so self-centered that he cannot notice or see the waves of ingratitude. Abortions are considered one of the heinous crimes of the world. We have no right to do so. It is an attempt to undercover how abortions will affect society? .The tenets of traditional religions of the world, the abortion as a genocide, the chaotic physical and mental agony of female folk, the struggle for balancing relationship and family.
What are abortion and its consequences? Abortion is the knowing destruction of the life of an unborn child. What are the reasons and causes of abortion? The man and women, they share equivalent t place when it comes to abortion. Both are culprits and victims of it. How to curb this menace, one option is to organize awareness workshops relating to the ill effects of abortions upon society and mankind. Abortion affects women physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When an abortion is performed on a woman, she becomes subject to many physical complications. They suffer emotional and spiritual side effects also. The mental distress, disappointment, depression, and tendency towards suicide are some of the aftermaths of the killing
The role of religion in abortion
In addition, abortion hurts women spiritually because it is not simply a process of emptying the contents of a uterus, but the ending of human life. Abortion is a serious ethical issue and it’s only natural that most major religions would have something to say on the issue, even if only indirectly. How strong the condemnations of abortion have been, they haven’t stopped women from seeking them.
Religions have had to deal with this fact. According to Christianity, we have no right or authority to take our life. It is the domain only for God. God states in the sixth commandment, Thou shall not murder. Each baby is created by God and is part of His plan. The Islam, Jewish, and modern Buddhist teachings sanction abortion as a means of safeguarding the life of women. Though Hinduism strongly condemns abortion, sometimes religion is overpowered by the cultural preference for sons. In-country like India, where a girl child is treated as a burden and curse for the family, the people do sex-selective abortions, which is called female-foeticide’.So women becoming the extinct class of the earth.
The Genocide and Abortion
Since the Second World War, the term’genocide’has been coined to describe the deliberate and systematic destruction of ‘unwanted people’. So abortion is another form or manifestation of genocide. The people who support abortion are infuriated by the comparison. But abortion is itself a Holocaust.
The world in the 21st century with its growing challenges invites the entire human race to probe against negative practices like abortion. There are political and economical reasons that women commit abortion. The financial crisis may force her to do so. It may be her weakness or answer for the patriarchal society, a society where women are mended to be machined for producing babies for the sake of spreading the human race. The freedom spirit of modern women yielding her to closing the door towards life is a notion or a warning for mankind. In a nutshell, society has to take preventive measures to curb the menace called abortion.
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