Child Observation

Child Observation

The child I observed was a three and half year old boy named Nick. The classroom strength of the preschool was approximately fifteen children ranging in ages from about three to six. In the classroom, there were three adults supervising the children. There were different learning stations set up around the classroom for the children to participate like the block area, the literacy area, the art area, the dramatic play area, the mathematics area and the science area.

When Nick first entered the school he removed his shoes and placed them on the shoe rack.(Gross motor skills; biosocial domain). He then tried to open the zipper of his sweatshirt using his fingers. (Fine motor skills; biosocial domain). He could unzip his sweatshirt but could not undo the zipper at the bottom to completely unzip his sweatshirt. So he looked at the care giver seeking her help. (Social development; psychosocial domain). He then went inside the class room and joined the other children for Morning Prayer (Imitation; Cognitive domain)

His caregiver then asks him what he wants to play with. Nick points at the puzzles. (Decisionmaking; cognitive domain).  He then picks up the pieces of puzzle and places them in the right place. (Intelligence; Cognitive Domain). Nick then picks up another puzzle and tries solving it. He turned the puzzle pieces around to fit them in the slot (Fine motor skills; biosocial domain). When he was not successful in solving the puzzle he asked for care givers help. (Social development; psychosocial domain). Nick then joins other kids in the rhymes session. He danced, clapped his hands and repeated teacher’s actions while singing. (Imitation; Cognitive domain). Nick then goes to play in the block area.  Nick sat down next to the boy in the block area and asked him “You’re my friend, can I play with you”. He then helpedhim by stacking blocks side by side.  The other boy said “Let’s make this a house “. Nick continued stacking the blocks. And when the house was done he said “I like the house” (Cooperative play; psychosocial domain)

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Nick then grabs a box of crayons and starts colouring a book (Fine motor skills; biosocial domain). He then takes a pencil and draws two circles one within the other and colours it brown. He then showed the picture to the class saying it was a doughnut. (Intelligence; cognitive domain). He then walks away towards the next table. (Selectiveattention; psychosocial domain) His teacher reminds him to put the crayons back in the box. Nick reluctantly goes back and picks up the crayons and puts them back in the box. (Gross motor skills, biosocial domain). Nick then joined his friend Rio who was playing with an aeroplane. (Cooperative play; Psychosocial domain).When Nick asked for the aeroplane Rio resisted. So Nick stood quietly for few seconds and then picked up another toy aeroplane and began playing with Rio.  They both started running around making the sound of the aeroplane. (Sociodramaticplay; psychosocial domain).Nick then picked up a stuffed bear and started having a conversation with it. (Animism; Cognitive development). He then noticed that his friend was standing on the chair. So Nick dropped the teddy bear andclimbed on another chair. (Imitation; cognitive domain). When the teacher objected Nick and his fiend got down.

The teacher then called out for the children and showed them different shapes. She showed Nick a blue square and asked what colour and shape it was. Nick replied correctly saying that it is a blue square. (Memory; cognitive domain). The teacher then told a story to the class about growing plants. Nick was paying attention to what teacher was saying and when teacher asked another child whatplant needed  to grow Nick excitedly shouted “ water “ so that he could be heard.(reasoning ; cognitive development).

The teachers asks the children to stick paper cutting in their craft book. They had to first cut the shape from the chart and then stick it in the book. Nick pasted all the places in the right places independently. (Finemotorskills; biosocial domain).

The caregiver announced that it was time for snacks. She asked “Who wants a snack?” Nick shouted “me!” (Language; cognitive domain). While sitting on his table, Nick tried to open his milk carton with his fingers. When he could not open the carton he brought a pair of paper cutting scissors to open it. (Fine motor skills; biosocial domain) (Reasoning;cognitive domain). Nick then carefully poured the milk to a glass. (Fine motor skills;biosocial domain). The girl sitting next to Nick was eating a snack which Nick could not recognise. So he asked her “What’s that”. (Reasoning; Cognitive domain). When Nick’s friend spilled her juice, she began to cry. Nick went to her and stood beside her and watched her with a concerned look. (Empathy; psychosocial domain).When Nick came back another child had eaten a cookie from Nick’s box. Nick began to cry. But when the care taker gave a cookie to Nick he became quiet. (Emotionalregulation; psychosocial domain). The care taker praised Nick for finishing his snacks before e others and Nick smiled at her. (Extrinsicmotivation; psychosocial domain)

After the snacks, he used a paper towel to wipe his face (gross motor skill; biosocial domain). Nick then calls out to the care taker by her first name and expresses his desire to go the washroom. (Languagedevelopment; cognitive domain).

When Nick comes back he sees that the care taker was holding a stapler in her hand. Nick did not know what that was. So he approached the caregiver and asked her what that was. When the caregiver replied that it is a stapler, Nick asked her why it was used. (Reasoning:cognitive domain)

The caregiver then announced that it was time to go to the outdoor play area. Nick along with others started jumping and clapping in excitement. (Gross motor skills; biosocial domain).Nick then joins the line to go to the play area. (Imitation, cognitive domain)Nick pushes the boy ahead of him and the boy complains to the caregiver. The care taker instructs Nick to say sorry which Nick does with some hesitation. (Emotionalregulation; psychosocial domain).

The playground featured a large fenced off area with a large grassy area and large cement slab with tricycles and tetherball, play house, sand box, and large gym set. There was an assortment of activities available for the children to play including: kickball, bubble buckets, tetherball, hopscotch, jump rope, soccer, etc.  There was a very large sandbox with swings monkey bars and slides.

When the children reached the play area, Nick saw the slide and joined others to play.He climbed and slid down with ease. (Grossmotor skills;biosocialdomain). (Cooperativeplay; psychosocial domain). Nick then ran towards the swing. But since two girls were already sitting on the swing, he waited for his turn. He sat in the swing for a while and then ran away towards the sand pit. (Selective attention; cognitive domain).

In the sand pit he joined his friend Rio who was making a sand castle. (Cooperativeplay; psychosocial domain). They built a sand castle together. Once they had built a sandcastle they chose different equipment to smooth and then mark lines/dots on the sandcastle. (Fine motor skills; biosocial domain). He saw Rio making steps for the castle and started building steps too. (Imitation;biosocial domain). Then Nick tells Rio “Let’s make a cake”. Nick asks Rio to hand him sugar, egg and flour. Rio made actions of handing over the ingredients. Nick pretended to mix them together. They made a square shape in the sand and placed a stick on top it and declared that the chocolate cake was ready. (Sociodramatic play, cooperative play; psychosocial domain)

Nick then went to the place where tricycles were kept. There were two tricycles parked one blue another pink. Nick picked the blue one and started riding on it. (Gross motor skill; biosocial domain)

Then Nick picked up a ball and tried to throw the ball inside the basket. (Gross motor skill; biosocial domain). When another boy tried to snatch the ball from Nick he pushed the boy away. (Instrumentalaggression; psychosocial domain). When the care taker intervened Nick reluctantly shared the ball with the boy. But soon the boys started playing and laughing together.  After playing with the ball Nick went to the play house. A boy was already playing inside the play house.  So he asked them “Can I play too”. (Languagedevelopment; cognitive domain). Inside the play house there were a number of pebbles. Nick picked up the pebbles by counting them and placed them inside a plastic cup.(Intelligence;cognitive domain).

When the teachers instructed the children to form a line to get inside the class Nick ran to join the line. (Gross motor skills; biosocial domain). He searches for Rio and stands behind him. (Social development; psychosocial domain).Once inside, the children washed their hands. Nick waits for his turn to wash his hands. (Turntaking; psychosocial domain)

Now the teacher tells the children to get their bags since it is time to go home. Nick joins other children who are jumping with joy. (Gross motor skill; biosocial domain).When Nicks mother arrives to pick him up Nick waves bye to his friend Rio. (Language; cognitive domain) He then picks up his sweatshirt and wears it by himself. (Gross motor skill; biosocial domain) He comes to shoerack and looks for his shoes. (Memory; cognitive domain).With the help of the caregiver he puts on his shoes. On seeing his mother he greets her with a smile and a hug. He then waves bye at his caregiver and walks with his mother.

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