Women Provide leadership

In the article “Women Provide leadership”, the primary argument is the importance of Aboriginal women equality. The author talks about an improvement in the positions where women Aboriginal women of Sasketchewan are today. He talks about the large number of females who are independent and are self-sufficient. The argument of the article is also on giving importance to reducing domestic violence and injustice against Aboriginal women.

An area that doesn’t fit into the article is the part of Canadian white woman beating her spouse; because this article’s focus is entirely on Aboriginal women and their families.

On a scale of 1 to 7 on the Universal Intellectual Standards, I would rate this article 5. While “women provide leadership”  has clarity, accuracy, and logic, a few areas cannot be considered completely accurate and precise unless supported by more evidence or statistics; for example, the overrepresentation of Aboriginal women in jails and majority of faculty in the post-secondary institution being women.

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The part about the Canadian women beating her spouse also is irrelevant in this article and does not prove a point.

The article can be considered to have a fair amount of depth and breadth, though it can elaborate more on why the Aboriginal men resort to violence and what brought about the change of these women becoming independent or how else can the community support the improvement in the lifestyles of Aboriginal women

Though the article succeeds in its task of talking about the importance of improving the living conditions of Aboriginal women, it lacks fairness at the part where the author says ‘Be warned, times are changing’; showing prejudice towards the male population.

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