Terrorist Groups

Terrorist Groups

Terrorist groups are managed and controlled by a group of people or individuals with an intention to avenge or control a specific region for their personal interests. In a normal case, the USA has two forms of terrorist risk; these are internal and external terrorist threats. Internal terrorist groups refer to the internal groups formed and financed inside the United States territory with the intention of creating a security challenges to the locals for their own benefits. External terror threats refer to the terrorist group led and managed by the US outsiders with an interest of creating security threats(Dershowitz, 2002).

Currently, the United States has no suspected terrorist group that is fully organized and well-structured to cause a mass human threats to the United States citizens. This makes the country risk free from the internal terror risks hence making it able for them to concentrate on the international terror groups that pose a mass risk to the nation. There are various terror groups that are managed, financed and controlled outside the US territory.  There are various distinguished groups who are led by people who are known across for the world for their terror activities, for example, Osama Bin Laden, a group leader of the Al Qaeda group. Abu Nidal is another terrorist group leader mainly operating in the Middle East nations. He operates and manages a terror group called the Palestinian Liberation Movement. There is a terrorism portal called www.satp.org which gives information about terror activities in this region.  In Somalia, a group of terrorists has formed a group by the name Al-Shabaab all led by Muslim religious leaders for easy management and control of the region. Another terrorism portal about this group is www.jowhar.com.

The major similarity between the group leaders of different terrorist groups is that they pursue a revolution motivated ideology with an intention to achieve their goals and objectives without any care of human lives. They are all rebels’ group leaders who are willing to live like rebels. The only thing that they do have not in common is that they all have personal reasons for participating in their groups. For instance, Abu Nidal and group, own political ideology as opposed to Osama Bin Laden, whose intention is to kill Americans with no well-known reason.

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As a group leader, Osama Bin Laden had a big influence on his group and on the world. The US bombing activity was attributed to him as a leader of the Al-Qaeda group. He single-handedly formed and financed the group as well as directing its operations. As a leader, he holds a big authority to the group hence holding personal responsibilities of the above-mentioned crime. The prime motive behind this terrorist act was to punish Americans basically for their contribution towards the terror fights. In general, all terror activities aim at avenging a particular subject that the subject group feels was unfair. After the 9/11 unfortunate incident, the USA has become more guarded. This is because this group is well organized and its main objective is to terrorize Americans. This, therefore, creates a reason for the nation to use the necessary measures to curb this group (Dershowitz, 2002). To sum up, the Al-Qaeda group should be faced out of the world map for the safety of all peace-loving people.


Dershowitz, A. M. (2002). Why terrorism works: understanding the threat, responding to the challenge. New Haven: Yale University Press.

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