Opinion on women serving in the US military

Women serving in the military

Discrimination against women should not be tolerated anywhere whether in domestic affairs or at work. Women need a chance to serve in combat as they are part of the armed forces. We need to change the culture in the military which has not been allowing women to be in the frontline while in the battlefield (Jelinek, 2011). All the military forces, irrespective of their gender, are fully qualified to serve in the combat. We have seen them participate in the submarines just like any man could; it is not just about the stamina or strength, but the skills that one applies in the battlefield that matter.

Assuming that the stamina and strength required were the main reason for the restriction; can’t women serve as medics or transporters? There are many other support jobs that they can provide, apart from fighting. This may, of course, help eliminate the gay practices that have been seen in the military forces as well.

The restrictions imposed on women by the defense policy have been the major reason for women not advancing in the military force. Only a few women have managed to reach the leadership positions, but not in the military actions in Afghanistan or Iraq (Jelinek, 2011). To be fair, the policies should be changed so that they can all be treated well just like any other man in the military.

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In my opinion, the women should be allowed to serve fully in US combat only after being fully equipped or trained to participate in the specialty positions in the military. The women should be aware of the challenges likely to be faced once they are allowed in the combat. Some of the women who have served in the combat should support the change in the defense policies so that the women’s efforts will come to fruition. Hopefully, soon we shall see them participating frontline in the combat.


Jelinek, P. (2011). Women should be allowed in combat units, Washington, DC: The Associated Press.

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