Israel & Chemical Attack

Vulnerability to Chemical Attack

Israel is a small country in the Middle East neighboring Iran to the East and Syria to the south. Its location in the Middle East has for a number of years been contested by her neighbors such as Iran which holds an opinion that the country Israel should never exist. The reason for this deeply rooted animosity is unclear but this is the number one source of threat for attack for the small country. Her neighbors are not at ease with her existence.

To add to her risks is the fact that her neighbors especially Iran and Syria are always equipping themselves with highly sophisticated weapons of mass destruction which to this date has taken the trend of chemical weapons. With neighbors that do not want her and their persistent purchase of such weapons means that any slight aggression from Israel would result in chemical attacks.

The vulnerability of the country is further enhanced by the fact that Israel is not prepared to handle an attack of the magnitude that would be met should it be attacked by chemical weapons. The Northern regions of the country that are most vulnerable to attacks have their populations without gas masks and this is a reality that the Israeli government has admitted to having failed at. Without gasmasks for her entire population then should Israel be attacked a big number of her populations would lose their lives.

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The situation is worsened by the fact that should they distribute gas masks to all the citizens then her neighbors would thus mean that Israel is preparing for war.  

Israel’s Defence Systems

Israel is well aware of the animosity that exists between her and her neighbors and therefore it has always tried to maintain calm and peace with them with the relationship being kept as cordial as possible. This is reflected in the presence of Israeli embassies in all the countries neighboring her. Furthermore, Israel is one of the countries in the world with the best artillery and defense system.

Despite being small the country has a big number of well-trained defense personalities and intelligence system that is capable to contain the security situation. In terms of preparation, the country is making arrangements of supplying all her citizens with gas masks that would offer them protection in case of a chemical attack.

The country also boasts the best mass causality attack preparation in the world. With the defense mechanism that can switch from conventional bombs to chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear-CBRN within spilt minutes and hospital facilities that have their own decontamination facilities would ensure that as few fatal cases as possible get reported.

The Hezbollah War

The Hezbollah War with Israel of July 2006, also known as the Lebanon War, gave lessons to both parties. This war caused mass destruction and lasted over a month ending only after the intervention of the United Nation. The war also caused a reduction in growth rate and also massive environmental destruction which took decades to get revived to the normal state.

Following this war, Israel learned that her security parameters needed upgrading making her realize just how vulnerable her situation would be in the face of chemical attack while on the Hezbollah, they readjusted their arsenals by purchasing more complex chemical missiles and this makes Israel at more risk because should such a war break out again, then chances that it would be struck by more sophisticated weaponry are high.


From the reading, a number of lessons are learned and key among these is the fact that countries world over are revamping their arsenals and these places even the United States of America in some risks. The Israeli, Iranian conflict with the Israeli government opposing Iran’s involvement in nuclear saw the Israeli president seeks the backing of the American president.

Should this be the case, America would be added to the Iranian list of enemies and a chemical attack in any American city would be catastrophic. This, therefore, poses a challenge to the country’s intelligence and security in collaboration with defense forces to be more vigilant and more calculating so as to assure the American population of their safety.


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