Israel’s vulnerability to chemical attack

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Israel’s vulnerability to chemical attack

Israel is surrounded by Arab countries such as Egypt, Syria and Iraq that have attempted previously to attack its territory for years now. The country was attacked on 6 September, just as Saddam Hussein had attacked it 1991. The reasons for the previous attacks have not changed and Israel’s relationship with the USA and other countries that support antiterrorism has not changed either. The reason for assessing this to denote the fact that countries that are considered enemies if Israel are always arming themselves for attack on the country.

Syria has the most extensive chemical weaponry had its missiles have been tested to be highly accurate and can hit Israel from any point. This makes the country even more vulnerable as it would need to be on guard from all its corners. The working partnership between Syria and nuclear weapons) means more advanced means of launching newly developed weapons is a possible project. Some of the surrounding Arab countries are developing weapons against one possible target, Israel. All the missiles that were exhausted in 2006 have been reconstituted to even deadlier levels. these countries are also partnering with terrorism organisation to attack Israel.

Israel is vulnerable and it seemingly prefers to responding to attacks rather than preparing for possible attacks. Assessment on the country reveals that is it is ill-prepared to face such attackers. Enemies could develop weapons but if the target is well prepared to deter all the attempts, the threats become effectively neutralised. But the case of Israel is serious in that it has no capacity to distribute gas masks should any of the enemies decide to attack the country. Besides, the gas masks are not sufficient in the country in case of an emergency. Israel is in the process of developing defence mechanisms, but they are not in place. Until the ballistic missile defences are fully developed and tested, the country will remain vulnerable to attacks from potential attackers from surrounding Arab countries such as Syria and Iran.

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