Alexander’s journey

Alexander’s journey

According to Scott Leonard and Micheal McClure’s Myth & Knowing, Alexander’s journey began before his birth. Right from his birth, it was apparent that his life would be different. Besides the pairs of twin stars and sun seen together, a lot of prophecies were made about him, that he would conquer the world and live for a short duration.

Being well acquainted with this notion, he did all that he could to accomplish the first part of this prophecy. As was foretold, it was very easy for him to conquer the entire world: he became a very powerful king. He ruled over a large territory with a lot of power, wealth and subjects.

As reported in this text, Alexander’s journey began when the worries about the second prophecy about him overwhelmed him. So, in the pursuit for longevity, he decided to set off and look for a solution to his life that which was predicted to be very short.He therefore, decided to personally trace the waters for eternal life. Waters that if one came in contact with, or drank, one would be able to live perpetually.

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After several attempts to send a contingent of soldiers to the Mountains of Darkness, he was extremely disappointed when none of them came back. According to myths, either they succumbed or got lost in the forest. So, the king decided to personally go to this mountain and discover the secret for himself.

In his expedition, a huge part was a group of soldiers. After reaching the mountain, it became very hard for them to cross to the other side (Dahmen, K., 2007).He therefore, decided to use the giant eagles to cross, while his subjects crossed through the land.

After this separation, he reached the place where he conversed with Asmodeus, the king of demons who directed him to go to the waters of life to get his three questions answered by the mysterious talking tree. He strictly adhered to Asmodeus’ instructions and therefore, he got a chance to be addressed by angel Raziel through whom he was able to reach the waters of life and the glowing pearl, an experience that would later transform his life permanently.

As the story unfolds, it comes to our knowledge that Alexander’sencounters with the waters of life were able to fulfill his life. The pearl later guided him accordingly. Eventually, he was able to live a short, but fulfilling, rich and happier life than any other person in the history.


Lessons from the text

From this story, we learn the significance of determination and will power. We should borrow a leaf from Alexander who was determined to positively transform his life. Just like the way he did followed the entire tough path so that he could to be happy, we should go an extra mile to seek personal fulfillments at all times(Bosworth, A.B., 1988).

Secondly, we learn that we should be hopeful. We should always have a positive attitude in whatever we undertake. Alexander was so hopeful and believed that he could alter the prophesies that were seen as discouraging to him. Instead, he was able to change his destiny and live a very fulfilling life.

Lastly, we learn the role of obedience and following instructions. Alexander was able to lead a happier life because of his obedience to Asmodeus and Raziel. For instance, if he ignored the angel’s order of not drinking the waters of life, he would eternally remain in that paradise as a slave. Because he chose to obey, he was rewarded by a short but the most admirable life on earth. So, we should learn to be like Alexander to be successful.

The importance of the text

Indeed, this is a must read book on the Jewish history that needs to be bought by anyone who aspires to change oneself positively. It gives an insightful knowledge on the role of important beliefs and individual liberation. It’s invaluable to each and every person.

Alexander and other characters

Alexander is the protagonist in this text. When compared to other characters like the soldiers, Asmodeus and Raziel, he comes out as a very peculiar personality with a lotto be admired. He is hard working, determined and obedient.

However, these traits are not seen in other characters thatinstead come out as defiant and arrogant(Bosworth, A.B., 1988).


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