A strategic role for New System Proposal

A strategic role for New System Proposal

With technology achievements in today’s competitive business world, every business constantly fights to keep large customers by providing quality services and products within the shortest time possible. In many businesses deploying well-designed infrastructure systems mean survival ability to achieve strategic business goals. In this project, Riordan has new systems that enable customer’s information to be shared through wireless platforms by the sales team as well as top management level.

The new proposed systems will help Riordan business improve the efficiency of their daily operations in order to achieve maximized profits gains. It is evidenced that the systems help top-level management make an informed decision as they get updated customer information databases (CID) thus there is effective and improved productivity within the firm. In addition, the system helps the firm to develop new products and services delivery. M. Levy, & P Powel, (2004) suggest that Information technology systems not only will it provide management with a dependable platform to run the firm smoothly but also it will affect the company growth and profitability respectively. In this regard, increased customers base will impact on its profitability gains. Sales can use the system to reach to potential clients within the market niches.  It is evidenced that if the business improves on customer services, they will in return come for your products thus increases profits gains.

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New system proposal for Riordan

Moreover, the more Riordan engages with dedicated customers, the more inputs they will bring for business success. There will be more informed decision making from all stakeholders involved in business running, including the customers and sales team. It is evidenced that the sales team can be able to access the CID on the secured network as well as top managers making decision making easier. Poor information access will result in customer lost as well as an increased operating cost. However, the system allows real-time data updates on customer’s information through wireless platforms including smartphone application.

Lastly but not least information systems provide a competitive advantage in the market niches.  Riordan can be able to conduct business effectively in competitive business sectors. It is evidenced the new proposed systems help the firm’s operations easier,  Charging less for quality products and also well-improved customers services with real-time information enhance the reputation respectively. Precisely well designed IT systems play a critical role in increasing the firm’s productivity and thus the full implementation is vital for increased profits gains.


Levy, & P Powel, (2004). Strategies for growth in SMEs: Role of Information and information Systems. Butterworth-Heinemann.

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