High Performance Systems, HR Evaluation and Technology

 High-Performance Systems, HR Evaluation, and Technology

 Question 1

A high-performance system has a number of benefits in an organization. To begin with, a high-performance system ensures that costs are kept at the minimum possible level and that productivity is optimized. Secondly, it ensures that there the organization manages its risks efficiently given the vibrancy of the way the organization’s systems articulate towards achieving the set goal. (Mkamwa, 2010).  Some of the elements that need to be in place include the right employees, systems/technology and a good organizational structure.

Question 2

Besides carrying out an HRM audit, there are other ways through which the effectiveness of an HR program can be determined. For instance, an evaluation of the effect of the program towards achieving a firm’s overall objectives can be carried out using both quantitative and qualitative methods.(DuBrin, 2011). For instance, the contribution of employee training can be evaluated by carrying out a Cost-Benefit analysis, in which case, a certain percentage of profit or loss can be directly attributed to a dollar value that was invested in employee training.

Question 3

HR technology facilitates a faster and efficient HR Service delivery, for instance, quick and accurate computation of rewards and pays for employees. There are a number of software within the HR technology framework and they include transactional software, decision support system and expert software. Transactional software mainly assists in processing transactions such as the basic salary and bonus while the decision support system helps in arriving at conclusions after keying in certain fundamental drivers of decision, for example, when carrying out an appraisal. Expert software, on the other hand, is highly specialized software that not only offers HR solutions but also other business-related solutions in an integrative manner.(Bohlander & Snell, 2009).

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