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Gymboree is a music and play institutions that were introduced with an aim of fostering creativity and confidence in kids aged between 0-5 years old. It started some years back, around 30 years and had developed rapidly (Hall, 2008). The institution has been introduced in over other 30 countries and has 550 locations all over the world. Gymboree started this program that is recognized even by the parents since they take a large part in its development through their involvement. The Gymboree program was designed by experts who had a reason for equipping the children with cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play.

The Gymboree is a company that has the high specialty in early childhood development. All the lessons administered at Gymboree are well planned, and the curriculum is developed by most qualified child development experts and incorporates an inclusive whole-child approach in their activities. The curriculum at Gymboree is well analyzed by the experts to fit the kids and enable all kids to know what they are interested in as they continue pursuing the program. They have a certain procedure in which they use to make kids graduate the kids to the next level. They use the 6-month increments to meet a child’s unique interest and ability.

The Gymboree organization provides freedom to the kids who are enrolled there. The kids have the freedom to move freely, play and explore safely around the compound. This is ensured by the adequate facilities that were set at the compound by experienced people having the need of the kids in their minds (Ong, 2000).

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Gymboree started as a fun place where a mother from Marine county of California was trying to get the safe place where age-appropriate persons would be involved. The program was easy to start, but she tried all she could, and things became tough. However, she did not give up she opted to start another program that that was so inspiring to parents and children too.

Gymboree as an organization has tried to make it to society. It gives the society what can be referred to be a quality service. When one enrolls at Gymboree, the person enjoys a lot of benefits. Not only the person enjoys the programs but also receive discounts on Gymboree clothing, free lessons, guardian’s handouts and more.

Market position table

Market position is an effort a company puts to woo clienteles’ perception of a brand or product about the perception of other competing brands or products. The objective of a company’s market position is to occupy a strong, exceptional and advantageous position in the client’s mind. Gymboree has tried to better its position in the market and know what it expected to deliver to its consumers. The market position of the Gymboree is well established.

The Gymboree at its best offers services which is very far by quality from their competitors. The experience of the staff at the Gymboree organization makes them be on the lead as they give quality with a strategy (Barnes, 2005). They have tried not only to offer the quality but also have attracted their customers and distinct themselves from their competitors. The attraction at Gymboree provides values and attributes genuinely what the customers need or want. The distinction has helped the Gymboree program to provide values and qualities that clients can enjoy only when they work with them or consume their services.

Also, the Gymboree organization has managed to identify it customers whom it can serve better. Gymboree has identified kids as their potential customers who they can serve well. Customer’s response to the services an organization is offering to them has a great impact on the market position of the organization. The response of both the parents and kids is positive hence building the name of the Gymboree organization positively (Christakis & Christakis, 2010). Instead of pleasing all groups of customers, Gymboree decided to please only kids by offering plays and training them on music issues, and it has captured the customers.

Gymboree finds the place in the competitive landscape. Gymboree organization did the survey on what could suit their customer and found that music and children play was neglected in the society, so it decided to start the program of offering the services to the kids whereby the turn up was positive (Ong, 2000). Parents clearly understood the services that were being offered by Gymboree and could not hesitate to nature the talents of their children.

Before the Gymboree came to the market, there were other competitors who were also offering the same services to the children. The Gymboree did not mind about the competitors but maintained their intention of satisfying their clients and that is how it has managed to maneuver through the market position (Hall, 2008).

How Gymboree fit in the global marketplace

Services which does not cover a large population, sometimes don’t last for long or fit in the global market. Gymboree has been offering their services not only to impress and the mothers but also it involves other parties, and that makes it stable in the market. The Gymboree is using an affiliate called Giraffe to effectuate the acquisition, which seems fitting given that Gymboree’s clothing even centers around the animals.

The fact that Gymboree offers tight security to its clients makes it fit into the global marketplace. Also of the organization operating in retail clothing stores, it has also hidden weapons at their centers which ensure security to the clients, and this helps to stay in the marketplace. The branches that are outside the US in 30 countries provide great advertising for the retail stores. The Gymboree is a tempting target that leaves clients yearning to get enrolled making it a world class institution for training kids.

Always as said, cheap is expensive, organizations that offer services at cheap cost don’t last for long. The quality of services offered by the organizations that offers cheap services at low cost decreases with time, and it cannot last for long in the global marketplace. Gymboree despite being very expensive, there is an assurance of quality services (Ong, 2000). There is always room for those who cannot be able to afford the cost to quit. This scenario has kept the Gymboree organization to be in the global market for a long time. Parents believe the expensiveness of the organization is to be in the forefront offering the best to their kids.

The demand analysis and consumer behavior indicate that consumers are quite satisfied with the franchise company and should continue operating. Consumers, through their behavior and demand, translates the future of organizations. If their behavior and demand are negative, definitely the organization will not fit into the global marketplace (Barnes, 2005). On the side of Gymboree, customers have high demands on their services and their behavior is indicating the same.


Surveying a market helps to know how and who to offer services to. Most of franchise don’t put into consideration such factors and end up failing to fit into the global marketplace. The intended target should also have the interest to make a franchise organization develop and fit into the marketplace. The aspect of competitors should help any organization to know the strengths and weaknesses of being involved in certain activities.


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