Effects of Advertising


Every positive thing that the world brings has got advantages and disadvantages and is always shown through the effect on the society.The advertisement has advantages especially to the producers of a commodity as it promoted the penetration that the product needs in the market. However, it also produces some effects on society, especially when it is shown to the children and schools as they are more vulnerable. Therefore, depending on the type of advertisement campaign being done, whether using digital or analog mechanisms, the effects could vary considerably, and the target may be attained or not, only when the means used to get to the target group. Advertisement methodologies of branding and psychological techniques have a direct effect, especially in children and schools.

Effects of Branding

Branding as an advertisement mechanism involves building the product name and logo registration as the main objective. Further, it involves delivering the product information to the consumers so that they can be able to relate to the goods were given to them (Meltz, 2007, p. 137). However, things have changed rapidly concerning the branding of products and the kind of information that is given to the public. Instead of giving the product information, there has been a complete change so that the advertisers are more into developing the brand name of the products, diverting the meaning and importance of branding (Century, n.d, p. 134). With this, there arise some effects especially to children who happen to watch these advertisements.Since children are easily misguided especially in matters concerning food products, it affects their health as they end up consuming poor health commodities. What children see in the products they are exposed to, especially on the television or even the products themselves, they tend to view them as true and, therefore, end up emulating what the graphics in the products say.This creates a negative influence on children, who end up becoming victims of erroneous advertisements.

Schools have been affected by the branding activity of companies, which are intended for promoting and building the brand name rather than the improvement of the kind of products and services that they give. Institutions that provide educations are more concerned about creating a name for themselves and making it popular at the expense of what is gained by those who are studying there. For instance, colleges invest a lot of funds in promoting the name of the institution while the academic expertise and resources that are essential are not given much priority, and therefore, the quality of education being given is lowered (Crary, 2007, p.134). Additionally, many of the students in these institutions end up having the notion that they studied in good institutions, but they have low-value education taught to them. Contrary to this,some other students who were taught in ordinary colleges might have better access to these services since the emphasis is on quality rather than the promotion of a brand name. Similarly, most of those who are affected are the youthful individuals as they are more obsessed with the brand name of an institution rather than the quality of services or products being distributed. Therefore, they end up being influenced in coming to join the institutions, convinced by the brand name of the school rather than the investment of education and research that the school has invested on.

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Effects of Psychological campaigns

Advertisements often employ psychological campaigns to tune the minds of the viewers and potential customers to consider their products. Children are the most affected in this case due to the manner in which their minds are easily influenced by the kind of advertisements that they watch or see (Meltz, 2007, p. 137). This is highly concerning when they revolve around foods, and some sports which children view as positive while in the real situation is they are negative.Obesity has been a burning issue in America, especially among small children. Most of the children are obese due to poor eating habits of foods that have been embraced by these children. Furthermore, a debate about who is to blame for this menace has on the spotlight for some time, and the media is more to blame. The kind of advertisements shown on the media, especially the television and billboards have influenced the growth of this menace since the children are exposed to them, and they tend to have the urge to practice what has been displayed on the tv (Moton, n.d, p. 133). In addition to this, there are very misleading reports and methods of advertisement which deliver the opposite message to what should be delivered. For instance, in the advertisement campaign in which an animated movie character by the name Shrek, the content of the advertisement is urging children to exercise to improve their health and minimize the chances of becoming obese. However, this campaign is not appropriate because of the impression that the animated movie character produces(Moton, n.d,p. 133). The character, Shrek, is also used in the advertisement of some other fast food companies, and they are the main cause of the obesity issue. Therefore, it creates an impression that children can eat the fast foods and then exercise then things will be ok, which is very different (Metz, D. n.d, p. 174). Therefore, a streamlining of the way the advertisement is done would be important so that they are not influenced negatively, and their health can be protected.

In conclusion, advertisement of a product is crucial to ensure it penetrates the market, and people are aware of it so that the company can grow. However, it is important to ensure that the emphasis should be on the creation of quality products and services instead of investing heavily on branding while neglecting the other aspects of quality. Moreover, the psychological influence of these campaigns should be positive so that they do not influence children negatively.


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