Personal Statement–University of Texas

Personal Statement–University of Texas

The “pursuit of happiness” is guaranteed to everyone in our constitution and what could express happiness better than aperfect smile! And it follows that, for the smile to be perfect, the dental systems must be well maintained. My happiness lies in seeing others achieve that perfect smile with the help of my skills and knowledge. Being a dentist has been my dream ever since I was in high school. And I have prepared myself to follow that path by getting into training and qualifying myself for a license from the State to work as a dental assistant even while I still at high school.

I have always been self-motivated and self-driven to achieve whatever I aim – whether it is studying for the dentist assistant license exam without attending a dentist assistant school or passing it at the very first attempt or assisting well-known dentists in order to learn from them.

I have spent six years as a dental assistant, working with Dr. Deborah Sullivan at Mansfield and Dr. Brody Hildebrand at Dallas up to forty hours per week. This invaluable experience under such eminent dentists has only added fuel to my ambition of becoming a dentist one day. Learning the basics of general orthodontics, prosthodontics and pediatric dentistry at these clinics has laid the foundation for my future studies.

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Apart from the RDA license, which I took in 2007, my other achievements in this field include certification in X-Ray, CPR, Nitrous Oxide, Dentrix and Zoom.The training I received at these clinics include: chair side experience, preparing instruments by sterilizing them, positioning instruments for the easy access of the dentist, passing the needed instruments and four handed dentistry, taking impressions, learning instruction points on post- operative and general oral health care, maintaining a healthy and friendly atmosphere with patient, charting patient records, light front office work, planning treatments, taking and developing dental radiographs/digital, cone beam-CT craniofacial, zoom, whitening, and general assisting in the orthodontics area. This on-the-job training has taught me the importance of diligence, attention to details, commitment to my work and my patients, willingness to shoulder responsibility and being a team player, which qualities will surely help me in my future career as a dentist in my own right.

Being a Texan and having studied throughout in Texas, my choice of the University of Texas is no surprise. But there are other factors too that have influenced my choice: the University of Texas in Austin has a strong reputation in the country for its success rate of the percentage of students who wish to move into the dental or medical school. Another attraction to the university is the large number and variety of programs available in areas related to the medical field. I have three semesters left to finish my degree and I want to get into UT, as it is popularly called by the students.

Volunteering and working with children, the homeless and the impoverished people have taught me that making others happy is the way to achieve happiness in one’s life. I have spent a few hours every year volunteering at the Head Start that provides dental care to school-age children, working at the homeless shelter run by the Mission Arlington, being a youth leader at the Fellowship of Joy Church and working at the dental care facilities for the impoverished conducted by the Project 31 / Brother Bill. Paying attention, listening, functioning in large groups and cooperation are the qualities I have developed from these experiences. This volunteering work has also become the germ of my idea to work in a foreign country through the University of Texas’ study abroad program in order to bring smiles into the faces of the people in other countries too.

My passion is helping people, especially those who are disadvantaged or needing the support of others to overcome their troubles. I have been a regular volunteer at the Head Start that provides dental care to school-age children, working at the homeless shelter run by the Mission Arlington, being a youth leader at the Fellowship of Joy Church and working at the dental care facilities for the impoverished conducted by the Project 31 / Brother Bill. In all these places I came across people, especially young students, who came from broken homes, single-parent homes, financially backward families or with problem-ridden backgrounds like abuse of alcohol and drugs or even physical abuse.

At Head Start, I helped children who were having problems with their dental systems, utilising my skills as a dental assistant. But more importantly, I tried to calm the children’s dread of the dentist and the instruments by talking to them and making them forget their fears. I am glad that my dental skills as well my caring attitude brought back their nice smiles.

At the church and the homeless shelter, there were many students who needed my care and concern. I feel that these kids need my help as they are more unfortunate than I am. All they want is a friend who cares for them and supports them in their troubled times. Listening to their problems and giving them the confidence to face these troubles with an encouraging word or two is what most of them crave. There are others who need help in learning life skills to be able to cope with their lives more successfully. My main work was in encouraging them to continue their education to get a good job. My method was to talk to them about the advantages of education in overcoming social and personal attitudinal deficiencies, illustrating the college environment and world of work in a personal way and inspiring them to make wise decisions.

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