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After visiting the websites, two unique ancient works of art were observed and used for this analysis. The two works include Self-Portrait with flowers (1493) painted by Albrecht Dürer and Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Comparing the two works, it is notable that they rely on the style. This includes the use of free hand through which the contrast is carefully realized. The work Mona Lisa is symbolic of beauty and human emotion. This makes it one of world’s best and widely admired works. The meaning of the work is the human emotion of love and affection. The painter also wanted to examine the human emotion through his work of art and deliver something more meaningful to the audience (Lagerlund, 2010). This has also been attached to the aesthetic values of human art and beauty.

On the other hand, the Self-Portrait with flowers (1493) created by Albrecht Dürer is another ancient work of art that relies on a similar style of art. The painter relays the intended meaning using the painting through which he presents his own portrait to the audience. The idea and renaissance movement is notable in the two works with a small bit of romanticism. This is something acknowledgeable because it presents the best ideas that are delivered to the audience. Through the use of this approach, the painters have managed to inform the viewer about the aesthetic values (Lagerlund, 2010). This makes it possible to appreciate beauty and painting.

The other important thing in the two works is their form. The viewer observed that the two ancient paintings are presented in two dimensions. This was a unique form characterizing most of the works of art produced during the ancient to the renaissance period in the world of art. The painters have used fine brushing to come up with these artworks thereby making it possible for the paintings to produce the intended ideas and information. The painters have used brushes on oil canvas. This approach is regarded effective in the world of art simply because it makes it possible for the image to come out clearly and promote its permanence. Through the technique of fine brushing, the painters have managed to come up the best works of art that have continued to entertain the viewers (Szondu, 2006).

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After examining these paintings carefully, it is notable that they painters have relied on different color variants to present the intended ideas and shape. For instance, Leonardo has relied on black and variations of brown to paint the face of the woman and black for her clothes. These colors have been properly matched to present the intended ideas to the viewer. Through the use of color, the painters have been able to present the texture and form (Shaw, 2010). The use of colors has helped the painters to come up with the best idea for the targeted audience.

Throughout the paintings, the painters have used different color shades and lines to create form and texture. Through the use of black color, it has been possible to create form and value. This has made it possible to achieve the intended idea. The colors and lines are also used effectively to create balance. The use of shape is applied systematically to depict the intended idea to the audience.

With these two works, the subject matter remains with the painters trying to create value and message (Mark, 2010). This is through the use of different artistic approaches, colors, shades, and contrast. The idea of romanticism is presently clearly in the two works. However, it is necessary to observe that the subject matter of the work of art has not been literally presented. This is because the painters have relied on specific ideas and artistic devices to achieve the intended subject matter.

Throughout these works, the audience observes that the two works are representational and objective. They present useful theme of romanticism and human emotion. It helps explore the idea of human emotion through the use of different approaches in art and use of color. The painters have used human passports as symbolic of human emotion and romance. The viewer is encouraged to think beyond the idea of art because it presents something greater and meaningful that art itself (Walker, 2009). These works of art function as ancient materials trying to inform the audience about the relevance of works of art to depict human thoughts, emotion, and eternity.  These issues make these works of art meaningful and the reason they have been considered as some of the greatest works of art ever.


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