How to overcome writer’s block while writing an essay

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What do you think is the biggest fear which a writer or budding writer has to deal with? Fear of ink running out? Fear of the computer crashing leading to loss of unsaved work? The biggest fear is none of these; it actually resides in the mind of the writer. This fear is writer’s block.


Writers’ block refers to the inability of the writer to produce any kind of written work over an extended period of time; basically, the person’s creative output gets reduced to zero. This is life threatening for the survival of the writer in a person. The threat of writers’ block can affect even the most intelligent and most prolific writers at any stage of their career.

Imagine the panic it can produce in students who have to churn out quality essays, reports, dissertations or any other written assignments as part of their academic requirements. What if writers’ block interferes with your ability to write, just when you need it more? What happens if you just sit in the front of the computer waiting for the words to be displayed on the screen and nothing appears?

Relax. Do not let yourself be a victim to all such outrageous and exaggerated fearful scenarios. There are ways of dealing with writers ‘block, if ever you may happen to encounter it. The key thing is to relax and let the process “flow”.

  1. Structure your work

It is very useful to write an outline of what you are going to write in your essay. This outline can include everything from introduction to conclusion as well as the intervening content. Writing an outline helps to focus your mind as well as provide the discipline necessary to ensure that the work gets done well. It organizes your thoughts so that your writing will flow in the desired way. This reduces stress on the mind and your writing comes easily. It will also ensure that your essay is comprehensive and covers all the points, which needs to  be included to make it authoritative.

  1. Ignore your inner critic

Often, it is our deep seated inner critic, which is responsible for initiating writers’ block. Do not allow your inner critic to get the better of you and dominate you. Take charge of yourself and learn to ignore the nagging, shrieking voice which leaves no stone upturned in finding faults in you.

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  1. Slow down, pace yourself

If unfortunately, you land up with writers’ block—slow down and take it easy. Write one or two sentences. Wait. Let go. Come back to write when you have relaxed. Do it over a period of days. When you want to leave your seat, do so after you have written one sentence or two. Keep increasingly the number of words you write slowly as you feel the pressure easing from within. Take breaks and relax. Getting uptight and worried will not improve the writing.

  1. Creative flow

There is a phenomenon described by psychologists, which is necessary, for any kind of creative work to take place. This is called the creative flow. The best way is to enable conditions which will allow this phase to happen.

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