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Traits of digital native students

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 12:41 pm

How do we recognise the GenZ/ GenDIY kids?

The rapid explosion of information technology over years, the widespread of internet, digital gadgets, smartphones and ipads have led to the creation of a new generation- This is the Gen Z. Both this generation and the GenDIY can be said to have been born into the digital era- they are the millenials or the digital natives. They can learn and use technologies effortlessly. This has led to massive changes in how present-day education is conducted.

They are intelligent and restless and possess high sense of curiosity.They are born in the years from 1990’s to present day.They have been exposed to a lot of things such as social media, death of tradiitonal forms of communication, internet, smartphones and other devices, texting language, emoticonas.

They are able to connect with peers across the world easily and hence are aware about most things including the opposite sex and music. You cannot get away with anything with them.

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They are also very responsible, motivated and highly independent; determined to chart their own ways in life. They are more comfortable with differences than the earlier generations. Their inquisitiveness and need for stimulation possesses an exciting challenge to traditional teaching systems and educators who have been used to just creating stamped set of students. This generation needs stimulation.

What may benefit them?

Hence, interactive lessons using computers; opportunities to connect and socialise with their friends and access to internet is very important to them. Teachers will have to incorporate all these aspects when designing classes. They need to be surrounded by what they feel most comfortable with to enjoy their learning. This is technology. They are also change-makers and change-doers. Social media is vital to their lives. Mentors need to harvest this energy of theirs into efforts which would bring benefits for them and help them fulfill their potential.

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