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Poaching can be defined as illegal hunting, killing or capturing of wild animals. Elephants are the most poached animals, elephants poaching involves some humans and their actions which are in the greatest complex chain, that is; – The elephant hunted by poachers for tusks which are taken to the market where buyers can use them to make final product, to save elephant’s life each unit in this complex chain must be considered as a threat. At one time or another, almost everyone has probably experienced some degree of teeth pain. For myself 6 years ago one of my teeth started to decay, I can’t forget how painful it was, I went to the hospital faster than the light for medication, and now I just imagine the pain an elephant get when poachers removed its tusks, and more than that costs its life

Human are born toothless, grow a set of milk teeth and finally loose these and they grow permanent adult teeth. Similarly, elephant are born without tusks, grow milk tusk and replace these with adult tusks though Asian female elephants have very tiny tusks called tushes or sometimes are tusk less. Elephant use their tusks as formidable weapons against potential predators like lions, and for digging, foraging, stripping bark and moving things out of the way. More surprising, trained logging elephants are capable of lifting large loads with their tusks. So tusks has more functions, Elephant without tusks is more than human without teeth. Poachers cannot remove the tusks without killing the elephant, they use darts, poisons (watermelons spiked with cyanide) and high powered automatic rifles like AK47 to take an elephant down, they then rooted out the tusks from the living elephant skull, and the elephant die an agonizing and slow death by intensive bleeding. Let us declares fighting against poaching and the abolition of tusks trade which is the catalyst for poaching.

We can terminate this complex chain by ending the use of final products made by ivory, by stopping and abolishing the tusk trade and by stopping all poaching activities. Ending the use of ivory products can be achieved by introducing other alternative products which have high quality and made by things like cast polyester, vegetable ivory, cow bone and casein so as to get the demand transferred over and educate people not to want the product made by tusks. The key point here is to reduce the demand so as to lower the price of tusk in the market, as when the demand stays constant and the supply goes down the price will goes up, and this will accelerate poaching, we can accomplish this by prevent import of ivory products such as piano keys, cabochons, earrings, and knives made by ivory this will help to decrease the market of final products made by ivory and save our elephant lives. Also,

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Abolition of tusk trade will be achieved By tracking the tusk trade, here false poachers can be used to trap buyers, that is; some trained people will be given ivory and pretend to look for the market, those who will appear to buy the tusks will be captured and prosecuted, this will create fear to buyers and hence terminate the trading chain, and for poachers false buyers can be used, in these two kind of traps those who are trapped will be punished in public so that others cannot try this business. In addition to that by introducing sniffer dogs program along the borders, harbors and airports, these trained dogs will assist the coups in detecting and stopping exportation and importation of tusk in the world. Also by making laws and policy which strictly prohibiting the online wildlife trade and introducing international communication in countries where there is largest market like China with their government, media, and the arts to encourage the ban of ivory trade by telling them its disadvantages and direct them toward the use of alternatives, the message can be sent by using biggest celebrities like Diamond Platinum in Tanzania and Jackie Chan and Yao Chen in china, Kim Kardashian ,Kate Middleton and others this will help to save the life of our elephants. Furthermore,

 In dealing with poachers each government should put a highly motivated investigations team to builds a detailed knowledge and understand all of the poaching activities in their nation, including who is doing the poaching, when and how they are doing it, where they are from and who they are. Then use this information to trap and prosecute them with the help of a highly skilled and well trained tracking team. In addition to that we can stop poaching by increasing community involvement in protection efforts through teaching and training the neighboring communities to detect and report any suspected poacher as most of poachers are not from the neighboring community, also training them on how to provide assistance for wounded and injured elephants. In addition to that, increasing security by involving police and trained local scouts to protect wild life and giving them a good salary so that they cannot be corrupted, supporting air patrols and donate vehicle for integrated ground operations to protect our elephants.

To conclude, poaching is just like a branch in the great tree containing deep roots (tusk trade). Always, it’s difficult to kill the tree by only cutting its branches and leaving the main stem and the roots, similarly it’s difficult to end poaching while ivory trade is still conducted, so each and every one should start pruning the branches (stopping poaching) in his or her country at the same time cutting the main stem and the roots by fighting against tusk trade from national level to the world in general, for sure by doing this poaching will be stopped and the life of our elephants will be saved.

Written and submitted by- James Bwire

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